Vegas July 2017: Day 7

OK – today is the last day of the trip — going home on the redeye tonight… I started the day at -6500 for the trip – however, that was to change rapidly before I would even have a cold brew iced coffee.  I sat down at a black chip

Vegas July 2017 Day 6

So today began with my trip being down 9500. I pushed and pulled and wrangled my way to small win after small win at 50/min. tables — eventually, by 9pm, having regained 3k, leaving me only down 6500 for the trip. During the day, I was able to watch a

Tipping the Odds Interview 6

Click the image below to listen to the podcast and interview:

Rant: Mid-shoe entry RAAAAGING!!!

Ok – so I was playing at a black chip table moments ago and, after getting brutalized the first ½ of the shoe, had finally started a comeback — out of the past 5 hands, I had been dealt 4 blackjacks — unprecedented!!!  At this point, the cute asian couple watching

Vegas July 2017: Day 5

Today was the day I switched hotels from The Linq to Aria.  Aria is one of my favorite hotels in the world because of the employees — aside from one croupier tip hustling years ago, all of the dealers here know me by name, smiling and genuinely happy to see

Vegas July 2017: Day 4

Day 4 started out wonderfully — I headed to play and in one shoe had regained $800, making the trip only -7200. I then had some breakfast and headed back to play again.  Once again, in one shoe, I was able to capitalize and gain another $1500, making the trip

Rant: Tip hustling

So I headed to play a bit before dinner and seeing the Matt Franco magic show.  From the very first hand, the table was at a loss — the dealer making a 21 versus all three of us being dealt natural 20s. But, as it was only the first hand,

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