Tipping the Odds Interview 12

Click the image below to listen to the podcast and interview (including @_Lucky45):

Vegas April 2018 Day 5

Today was a pretty relaxed day – woke up about 11am and finally left the room about 12noon when @_Lucky45 picked me up. We headed to the Tropicana as I have never set foot therein and felt it was about time to check it out. It was nice and clean

Vegas April 2018 Day 4

And away we go on a Saturday in Vegas – woke up about 12noon and hit the Strip for caffeine and a mini blackjack session:         Stopped in at the Flamingo and sat down at a 100min table in the high limit room to play – got

Vegas April 2018 Day 3

Woke up around 11am after falling asleep about 2am – not too bad – had a good night’s rest — then, while watching a Star Trek TNG marathon, I fell asleep again until about 2:45pm lol Showered, got dressed and headed to grab some caffeine – once the caffeine was

Vegas April 2018 Day 2

Fell asleep about 8pm last night and woke up at 2am this morning – wide awake, I decided to stroll the Strip a little bit – venturing past the hookers located at the slot machines off the elevator at Cromwell – past the 3 middle-aged conventioneers actually thinking the hot

Vegas April 2018 Day 1

Barely slept last night – although I would usually chalk that up to pre-Vegas excitement, it is par for the course over the past few months dealing with insomnia. I arrived at the airport this morning and, once again, was surprised by the number of people who still have no

Mohegan Sun April 2018

As a bit of a warm-up for next week’s trip to Vegas  – I am here at Mohegan Sun in lovely Connecticut.  It was a beautiful day to drive up – awaiting my parents’ arrival (got comp tickets for my mom and aunt to see “Max Val and Peta” tonight

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