$4k or $40k

A few years ago I had sent some front money to the GNLV in the amount of $4k – front money – for those of you who do not know, is basically a wire transfer of funds to the casino so you can draw from it while there — it

AC in the Rain – May 2017

​​ Heading down the White Horse spike was quite an adventure in the torrential rains happening here on the East Coast today.  The swamp waters  of New Jersey rose above street level, enveloping a Mini-Cooper halfway up its tires.  I half expected to see some of Nucky Thompson’s enemies rising

Tipping the Odds Interview 5

Click the image below to listen to the podcast and interview:

Here comes the Sun Day 2 April 2017

  Started the day by sleeping in, followed by French toast at Hash House A Go Go – of course, if you know anything about HHAGG, you know the portions are ridiculously large.  I finished only about ⅔ of the French toast plate. From there, I walked around checking out

Here comes the Sun April 2017

Ok coming out of casino retirement today – heading up to CT to once again try my luck at the blackjack tables. Love this sign on the Interstate: Upon checking in, I was informed the the Starbucks was closed for renovations but that Imus Ranch Coffee and Dunkin Donuts were

A retro interview

  For a number of years, I was a frequent contributor to the forums on the Wizard of Vegas website under the screen name “aceofspades”. After posting there for a couple of years, one of the administrators (Mission146) asked if I would agree to be interviewed by him on a

The Cosmo: Why I neither play nor stay

Back in April of 2015, I had become quite the Vegas regular. I was going there approximately four times per year, staying at the Aria with an average bet of $175/hand on blackjack. One of the dealers at Aria that I had become friendly with informed me that her daughter

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