Vegas April 2018 Day 2

Fell asleep about 8pm last night and woke up at 2am this morning – wide awake, I decided to stroll the Strip a little bit – venturing past the hookers located at the slot machines off the elevator at Cromwell – past the 3 middle-aged conventioneers actually thinking the hot

Vegas April 2018 Day 1

Barely slept last night – although I would usually chalk that up to pre-Vegas excitement, it is par for the course over the past few months dealing with insomnia. I arrived at the airport this morning and, once again, was surprised by the number of people who still have no

Mohegan Sun April 2018

As a bit of a warm-up for next week’s trip to Vegas  – I am here at Mohegan Sun in lovely Connecticut.  It was a beautiful day to drive up – awaiting my parents’ arrival (got comp tickets for my mom and aunt to see “Max Val and Peta” tonight

Tipping the Odds Interview 11

Click the image below to listen to the podcast and interview:

New Year’s Eve 2017-2018: Day2

The final day of 2017 – it has been a good year and a busy one – perhaps the one thing I am most thankful for is all the friends I made on Twitter – a group of like-minded people obsessed with casinos. I woke up late, about 12:35pm and,

New Year’s Eve Weekend 2017-2018: Day 1

Well well well – we finally made it down the yellow brick road to the end of another year with the hopes of a prosperous 2018. I headed out for Mohegan Sun in the early afternoon in the hopes that the snow would only minimally affect the usual 2.5 to

Rant: Fuck FedEx

I was alerted yesterday via email to expect a FedEx delivery today that required my signature.  As such, I stayed home the entire day waiting for either a knock on the door or the doorbell to ring – neither occurred. Finally, around 3:00pm I decided to go check the mail

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