Booked! July 2017

Taking a page out of the @Snickers99poker playbook, I decided to blog about my booking a trip. As many of you know, on December 31, 2016, I had yet another dreadful session playing blackjack.  Rather than stay for the New Year’s Eve festivities and party I was invited to by

Where have I been/The Vibe

Where have I been… As you could probably tell by the abrupt way in which I stopped blogging on NYE 2016, I have not made any casino trips in 3 months (actually exactly three months today).  On NYE, I was all set to stay at Mohegan Sun — my host

HOA (a retro post)

This incident with my favorite foe, the Homeowner’s Association (HOA), occurred a few years ago when my dog was still gracing this planet with his presence. ======= So, my HOA, for some reason, loves to pass rules against two specific dog owners in the community (a nice couple (the wife

A new beginning

As you may or may not know, I once had a blog all about my travels to Las Vegas.  It was fairly popular among gamblers but, I felt as if that blog had run its course.  In the interim, I was thinking of ways in which I could begin a

Tipping the Odds Interview 4

Click the image below to listen to the podcast and interview:  

NYE Weekend 2016: Day 2

Woke up, got dressed and headed down to Starbucks The crew has already begun putting up the 2017 decorations When ordering at Starbucks, I noticed about ¼ of the menu items had a “Sorry, we are out of __________” written over it — I attempted to order a cold brew

NYE Weekend 2016: Day 1

Just arrived at Mohegan Sun for New Year’s Eve weekend – I have been working so much lately and was still undecided, as of last night, whether I would make my way up I-95 to ring in the 2017 in CT – upon waking this morning and heading to Court

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