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Tipping the Odds Interview 14

Click the image below to listen to the podcast and interview:

Vegas – March 2019 – Days 4 & 5

Well, Saturday was a day just spent relaxing – I wandered the Strip a bit but did not play at all. ¬†Which brings us to Sunday… I started the day with a Starbucks Venti Cold Brew with sugar free vanilla along with a double smoked bacon croissant – yum! I

Vegas – March 2019 – Day 3

I woke up about 7am and headed for some Starbucks — I knew today would be a fun day as I was going to eat at my favorite restaurant in the world Delmonico¬†with my favorite appetizer – Parmesan & Truffle potato chips (served warm) and then I was going to

Vegas – February 2019 – Day 1

As many of you know I began working at a new firm and as with any new job, vacation days do not kick in until you have been there for a certain period of time. For me it was 6 months. Tons of stress from the morning commute and the

Tipping the Odds Interview 12

Click the image below to listen to the podcast and interview (including @_Lucky45):

Vegas April 2018 Day 5

Today was a pretty relaxed day – woke up about 11am and finally left the room about 12noon when @_Lucky45 picked me up. We headed to the Tropicana as I have never set foot therein and felt it was about time to check it out. It was nice and clean

Vegas April 2018 Day 4

And away we go on a Saturday in Vegas – woke up about 12noon and hit the Strip for caffeine and a mini blackjack session:         Stopped in at the Flamingo and sat down at a 100min table in the high limit room to play – got

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