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Retro Report #49 May 2015 BJ Tourn.

About to head to AC BJ tournament this evening Stopping off to pick up my dad and my nephew is here at my parent’s house. He is screaming about wanting Mac and cheese even though he said he wanted pizza (of course, once the pizza arrived he decided he didn’t

Retro Report #36 July 2014

Back to my usual Atlantic City stomping grounds… Tournament this evening (and I do not expect to be DQ’d therefrom) I’m going to have an early dinner then probably play a bit before the tournament. I’m too hungry to play right now. OK insane day/evening: I played one shoe prior

Rant/Retro Report #35 July 2014

Off again we go to Connecticut, this time, Foxwoods Approximately two weeks ago I received an e-mail from a host at Foxwoods. Now, not having even been to Foxwoods since the year they opened (when I was 19), I had no idea how said host had my email address. My

Retro Report #26 $1million BJ Tourn

I just received this – super excited!!! This could be just what the doctor ordered for an end of the year bonus!!!       FYI – the “auto qualifiers” for the $500k bonus hand are those persons who were invited that have either (a) lost $150k in any one

Retro Report #23 Oct. 2013 tournament

Drove down to AC for a blackjack tournament tonight. Played a mini-session: Won the first 6 hands I actually did not have any great hand except for the time I had Ace, 5 and dealt a 5 Otherwise, the dealer broke Luckily, I pressed and picked up 1700 in those 6 hands

Retro Report #18 INSANITY!!!

My letter summarizing the events to the Revel: Dear Mr. YYY: I was an invitee to Revel’s $50k blackjack tournament this past Saturday 6/29/2013 and the following happened: -After winning my table in the first round, I anxiously awaited Round 2 -In the second round, the shoe started and the

Retro Report #10 Nov. 2012

Well, here is the story of the invitational tournament – for some reason, when I play a tournament, some sort of nonsense happens – is it the tournament,,,or me? OK – firstly, the tournament was invite only. The original number of people invited was 200 (had to qualify based on

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