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Connecticut: October Day 2 (Tournament Day)

Just as a preface–I wrote this after arriving home from the trip and never published it–I believe it comes across as negative but, in life, there is the good, the bad and the ugly–I’m guessing I can chalk this one up to the ugly…enjoy ——- Upon waking, I sauntered down to Starbucks, in a

Vegas: August 2016 Day 3

Woke up, spoke to a friend (he was my brother-in-arms in the Revel Tournament fiasco) and my cousin about the blackjack goings-on and they commiserated with me.  My friend half-jokingly stated that the “long run” of those basic strategy blackjack simulations of “a billion hands” won’t be on my radar

Vegas: June 2016 Day 12

I awoke this morning and readied myself for the second round of the tournament. As play began, we were informed by the dealer that there would only be five of us at the table, rather than the usual six. Two hands went by and another player showed up.  He claimed

Vegas: June 2016 Day 11

TOURNAMENT DAY!!! Woke up, grabbed Starbucks and headed to the tournament play area to await my 12noon start time. I sat down at my assigned table and, naturally, a few people were not only in the wrong seats at the table, but at the wrong tables entirely.  Once the “Chinese

Vegas: June 2016 Day 4

Blackjack tournament day!!! So I registered and was assigned my table for round 1 of the blackjack tournament here at Paris. Round 1 would consist of a 6-player table, each player receiving 1k in chips, with the top 2 chip holders at the table after 20 hands moving on to

Vegas Dec. 2015: BJ Tournament Day 2

played the tournament at a table of friendly people which is always a nice change of pace… on hand number 8 I was chip leader by about 500 I put up the 500 in an effort to pull a 1973 Belmont on everyone I got dealt a 7,4 versus a

Vegas Dec. 2015: BJ Tournament Day 1

It’s almost time for Day 1: Round 1 of the blackjack tournament – fingers crossed sat down to play some blackjack and this happened FML playing now first 4 hands of the shoe: 6,5 v dealer 6 double get 8 for 19–dealer has 6 5 queen 8,8 v dealer 10

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