Category: The “lady in red”

Retro Report #30 February 2014

Well back in Vegas escaping the Polar Vortex that has been NY. Checked in to the Skysuites and the rooms and service are amazing. The rooms are tastefully decorated and there is a 7am til 10pm snack area, wine and cheese between 4 and 5pm every afternoon and free bottles

Retro Report #26 $1million BJ Tourn

I just received this – super excited!!! This could be just what the doctor ordered for an end of the year bonus!!!       FYI – the “auto qualifiers” for the $500k bonus hand are those persons who were invited that have either (a) lost $150k in any one

Retro Report #19 Sept. 2013

This is the first report wherein the “lady in red” appears — she will be a recurring theme in other Retro Reports Arrived at the Aria Checked-in Ready for action!!! First session: 6D s17 100min das doa Played half a shoe Last two hands got blackjack then they switched dealers

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