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Retro Report #52 Nov. 2015

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet the SUN-shine in! just checking in 🙂 play to follow   I just played a micro-session played 8 hands, won 3 of 4 doubles and ended up +1k     just lost the 1k back plus the 3k from last week in 1 shoe lost 8 double downs dealer

Retro Report #51 Nov. 2015

As previously stated, there was a period from June 2015 until November 2015 wherein I did not record my trip reports for posterity — I thought that, perhaps (superstitiously), not writing trip reports down might cause me to win — that did not occur and 2015 continued to be a

Retro Report #50 Memorial Day 2015

First hand of the weekend (sorry for the blurry pic but they frown on taking photos of the blackjack table) 2AA9AA6 Went up a quick 1k The next shoe it went right back in ten hands Dealer made 20 on first nine hands followed by a blackjack Switched tables and

Retro Report #49 May 2015 BJ Tourn.

About to head to AC BJ tournament this evening Stopping off to pick up my dad and my nephew is here at my parent’s house. He is screaming about wanting Mac and cheese even though he said he wanted pizza (of course, once the pizza arrived he decided he didn’t

Retro Report #48 May 2015

Just arrived in AC Played 1 shoe Didn’t lose a double down Trip is +2k I had dinner with my dad then, as I was about to play, my host asked me to come to the steakhouse for a dinner and wine tasting. I told her I ate but I

Retro Report #47 April 2015

So I just got to the airport and the flight is delayed by one hour – time to grab some food and take a nap   Wandering around the duty free shop – came across this: Landed in VEGAS My bag was first on the conveyer In limo heading downtown!

Retro Report #46 April 2015

Warm-up trip before heading to Vegas next week On the White Horse Pike (road near AC) I saw a sign out front of a convenience store that said: “Lottery Drinks Samwitches” I hope the misspelling was intentional.   Sat down with a dealer I like and played for 5minutes before

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