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Rant: Shoes

So if you read my Vegas blog from Day 1, you will recall that I purchased a new pair of shoes from Armani.  They could be paired with either jeans or a suit for Court – excellent, double duty. I wore them the next night for a total of two

Rant: M/F societal interactions

I have learned throughout my years on the planet Earth, and, most recently, about an hour ago, that, for all of the feminists that continually shout that men and women are equal and must be treated the same, there is no way they would actually want this — why, well,

Rant: Craps (MUST ROLL)

So I am not a craps player at all – the only time I played was in Aria and I won $100 but had a bad experience with the croupier calling for a “mystery bet” So I was down in AC with family and friends at the GNAC and the

Rant: AC and Surrender

On 100min. blackjack games, upon request only (allowing Surrender as a rule at the table requires 100% consensus by all at the table) , Golden Nugget AC allows Late Surrender. When I am there, I always ask for it. So, the last time I was there the following two scenarios

Rant: Craps ‘mystery bet’

So, during Retro Report #32, I took $100 to try my first foray into craps I kept rolling rolling rolling making money for the table and about my 12th roll…the female dealer told me to give her $5 dollars for the “mystery bet”…as I am clueless about craps I obliged and

Rant: Saving seats

This happened at the NYE gala written about in Retro Report #29 Short and sweet: I walk into the NYE gala and approach a table with my parents and a guy yells from the other end of a banquet table that he is saving fourteen (14) seats. Now, I have

Rant: Gambling and social security disability

This occurred back in 2013 The gentleman in front of me at the VIP Services checkin at the Atlantic City hotel I frequent had the following conversation with the VIP checkin clerk: Man: “I don’t know how much I am going to be gambling this weekend” Clerk: “Oh, why’s that?”

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