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Rant: Fuck FedEx

I was alerted yesterday via email to expect a FedEx delivery today that required my signature.  As such, I stayed home the entire day waiting for either a knock on the door or the doorbell to ring – neither occurred. Finally, around 3:00pm I decided to go check the mail


Here is my brain activity right now after dealing with this: As we left off yesterday, I had spent some time on the phone with the reservations department in an effort to correct what my casino host did to my reservations for NYE. Then, last night, I received the following

RANT: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (casino edition)

A couple of weeks ago I received the following NYE invite to Mohegan Sun: Excellent – I contacted my host straight away and was informed she would be out of the office for a few days.  Not wanting to delay anything, I decided to call the reservation (no pun intended)

Rant: Getting what you wished for

From time to time, an attorney seeks to be relieved as counsel of record on a case due to various issues between the attorney and client. In most cases, unless the client has set on a course of illegality, threatened to commit perjury or wishes to pursue fraudulent claims, the

Rant: Mid-shoe entry RAAAAGING!!!

Ok – so I was playing at a black chip table moments ago and, after getting brutalized the first ½ of the shoe, had finally started a comeback — out of the past 5 hands, I had been dealt 4 blackjacks — unprecedented!!!  At this point, the cute asian couple watching

Rant: Tip hustling

So I headed to play a bit before dinner and seeing the Matt Franco magic show.  From the very first hand, the table was at a loss — the dealer making a 21 versus all three of us being dealt natural 20s. But, as it was only the first hand,

NYE Weekend 2016: Day 1

Just arrived at Mohegan Sun for New Year’s Eve weekend – I have been working so much lately and was still undecided, as of last night, whether I would make my way up I-95 to ring in the 2017 in CT – upon waking this morning and heading to Court

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