Category: Memorial Day Weekends

Retro Report #50 Memorial Day 2015

First hand of the weekend (sorry for the blurry pic but they frown on taking photos of the blackjack table) 2AA9AA6 Went up a quick 1k The next shoe it went right back in ten hands Dealer made 20 on first nine hands followed by a blackjack Switched tables and

Retro Report #33 Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day weekend…here we go again Good morning and welcome aboard the nonstop to Vegas Just at airport waiting at the gate here in rainy NY So, upon landing in Vegas, I turn on my phone and already have two messages from a new client with an “emergency”. Golden Nugget

Retro Report #17 Memorial Day 2013

Well, in 2012 I was at the Revel Grand Opening Memorial Day weekend and that was a horrific weekend.  Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend 2013. This report is basically from memory as the trip was the worst gambling trip I had ever been on up until that time.  A

Retro Report #3 Memorial Day 2012

Worst sessions of my life in any casino anywhere in the world. (edit: or so I thought, wait until you read some other Retro Reports) 6D S17 DOA DAS $100min. Session 1 Table 1 – lost first 10 hands Table 2 – lost first 10 hands Table 3 – lost first

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