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Tipping the Odds Interview 3

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Atlantic City: October 2016 Day 2

I awoke this morning to the sound of the housekeeper’s unique cell phone ring (she must have been cleaning the room next door and left her phone in the cart outside the door.  That cell phone must have been running on nuclear power as the sound penetrated the door of

Atlantic City: October 2016 Day 1

I set out this morning for a weekend sojourn to Atlantic City.  I have not been to AC since my trip with my buddy Slim Jim back in August. On the Belt Parkway this morning, a car was pulled over on the shoulder – no big deal – however, there

Tipping the Odds Podcast Interview 2

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AC: August 2016: Day 2/Day 3

So after dinner last night I headed back to the tables, still down 5200. I sat down and after a shoe I had regained 200 of the 5200 WOOHOO! I took a break to hang with my friend who was in town and eventually headed back in to play some

AC: August 2016: Day 2

Woke up and had some pancakes for breakfast(although, once you’ve had Dupar’s can you really call anything else a pancake?) Grabbed a Starbuck’s (line was moving slow even though there were four baristas working and the lady in front of me commented on that to one of them – I

AC: August 2016 Day 1

Once a year, I meet up in Atlantic Ciy with a long-time friend from college to catch up and have a good time.  A couple other friends wanted to meet up but they could not get away from family obligations. So, after checking in we headed down to play blackjack

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