Vegas – February 2019 – Day 2

Sleep was interesting last night as my body could not figure out what time zone it was in.  I woke up at 3am wide awake after just falling asleep at midnight — I managed to sleep on and off again until 6am when it was no use – I got up and watched tv and surfed the internet.  About 10am I made my way downstairs in search of Starbucks – alas, the line at the Park MGM Starbucks was a bit much for my tastes and I walked to catch the tram over to Bellagio — of course, a visit to the famous conservatory was in order:




I then headed towards Caesars and ran into this guy:


The line for Starbucks at Caesars was shorter thanks to the Diamond/7 Stars line and I was able to grab a Venti Cold Brew with sugar free vanilla syrup and, for the first time, I tried the breakfast protein bites – egg, bacon and gruyere – they were delicious and hit the spot.


Around about this time I got a text from my friend and joined him in heading to the outlet stores near downtown – I am not one to buy anything at an outlet store ever since years ago when I bought a leather jacket and, upon eventually wearing it, realized one sleeve was about 2″ longer than the other — fool me once!

We then headed to the Fashion Show mall and checked out the scene – it is certainly a confusing mall with half floors galore.  Thereafter I retreated to my hotel room and relaxed for a bit watching some Trooper videos but snapped a couple of photos of the Vdara and some nice decor in the Crystals Shops


After relaxing in the room I felt the pangs of hunger and decided to try EATALY at the Park MGM:


The meatballs, sauce and bread were delicious and I would highly recommend checking EATALY out if you are ever in the Park MGM feeling good and hungry.

It was then that I decided to try my luck at the tables agin and headed to the High Limit room – I played with the same dealer as last night while the same friendly pit boss oversaw the game — I started off losing the first 3 hands and was finally dealt a 20 only to  push the dealer, who then proceeded to deal himself a natural 3 out of the next 6 hands — it was not looking good as I was quickly down $500 — however, a double down Ace, 4 v dealer 6 proved fruitful as I drew a 6 for 21 — the hands got better and better and soon thereafter I had the $500 back on my side of the table — I surrendered a 15 v 10, a 16 v 9 and another 16 v 9 before finally getting a split 2, 2 v dealer 5 — on the first 2 I was dealt an 8, doubled and drew an Ace for 21 – the second 2 was ugly as I was dealt a 10 for 12 – all was not lost as the dealer, on cue, turned over a 10 for 15 and dealt himself Queen for 25 — a couple of hands later the shoe ended and I was another $600 to the good

Trip is now +1800

I am calling it a night and intend to get some rest for the upcoming weekend in Vegas Baby!!!

Oh, forgot to tell this little gem — I took a taxi yesterday and the driver was an older Indian gentleman – about 2 minutes into the ride he began telling me about the troubles between India and Pakistan (not the conversation for a Vegas vacation) – however, his diatribe soon turned to Israel and how the Jews control America – I cut him off and told him I was in Vegas on vacation and was not interested in his political and social views – he immediately realized the error of his ways in bringing up controversial topics to a passenger and began apologizing profusely — What the F



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