July 2018 Atlantic City Day 2

Woke up early – refreshed, showered and headed to the casino to play a portion of my free slot play — I had eyeballed a 3-D Wheel of Fortune Machine last night and today, I decided to play it

It was a $1 machine with max credits being $5 — I transferred $100 of free play onto the machine and set to work.  On the first spin I won $4 – the next couple yielded nothing – but, about halfway through, I won 15 free games and a chance to “solve the puzzle” — between the free spins and solving the puzzle I made $152 (the answer to the puzzle was “Sounds Yummy” — by the end of the $100 in free play I had won:




I next headed towards the UltraLounge when I heard my name being called – a pit boss remembered me from the Revel days and she hugged me hello and told me all about her new puppy (Saint Bernard/Rottweiller mix).  At the same time, another pit boss from the Revel days came over and hugged me too – she told me Resorts just threw a big party for their 40th (she opened Day 1 as a dealer at Resorts) and she also told me all about her new Great Dane.

I walked into the Ultra Lounge and was greeted by two dealers and a pit bioss who all also remembered me from Revel.  I sat down at table 1 and bought in – an older gentleman asked if he could join me – naturally, I offered him a seat.  We both were on a downward spiral – the other gentleman started doing my favorite – switching from one hand to two hands then back again. I did get a blackjack on the first hand of his doing that though — but, he quickly saw his chip stack diminish and he was out.  Upon his leaving, the cards decided to go my way, I went from being -700 to +500 by the end of the shoe, and that is where I now stand with blackjack for the trip.

Trip as a whole: +678



I took a walk over to the Hard Rock to check it out – braving the heat, I made my way down the boardwalk from Ocean to HR — it is amazing what a $500 million renovation can do to a place — not even recognizable as having once been the Taj Mahal:


As my parents are heading to the new Hard Rock Hotel/Casino next week, they asked me to head over there and get the lay of the land — being a dutiful son, I called my dad while walking through the new Hard Rock Hotel/Casino – I was telling him what memorabilia they had and then, sarcastically, as my mother abhors Tom Jones (for some unknown reason), he says “I hope they have plenty of Tom Jones memorabilia” – at that moment, I looked down and there it was, an autographed postcard of Tom Jones *SPOOKY*

Headed to play $90 more of my free slot play – made my way to a $1 Top Dollar machine – played 3 credits per spin – on the third spin I hit a Top Dollar and was made 4 offers: the first was $20 and I declined, the second was $30 and I declined, the third was $20 and I declined and, finally, I would be stuck with whatever the final offer was, which turned out to be $30 — I then hit a few lines for some wins and ended the session:

pnatApBXSfOIdMbxLWCJqwI then headed to the Ultra Lounge where I ran into another former Revel employee who remembered me – it’s like a high school reunion — I sat down as a table had jsut opened with a friendly dealer and I started off the shoe with four double downs in a row – only winning one of them — however, a few hands later I was dealt three blackjacks in a row – only two of which cashed for me as the dealer was showing a Queen on one of her own.  I was able to press my bet and get a nice run, leaving me with a gain of 1100 for the session

Trip is now (including slot winnings) +1921

Took a photo of the player’s club line:



Ventured to play some more of my free slot play – this time putting in $65 at a different Top Dollar machine – no bonuses this time but still a respectable $44

I then hit the blackjack tables again — lost the first 4 out of 5 hands then finally dealt a natural – however, the dealer had an Ace showing so, seeing as how I was losing chips since the beginning of the shoe, I decided to take even money just to holster an extra chip — the extra chip came in handy on the next hand as I doubled a 55 versus a dealer 9 — and was dealt a King – the dealer turned over a Jack
By the end of the shoe I had gained another 600

Trip (including slots) is +2521

I decided I needed something to eat after playing and had two BBQ chicken breasts at the Ocean Premiere Lounge



Went down to play some more free slot play — sat at another Top Dollar machine for 20 spins and picked up $66

I then went to play some blackjack and won 500 in 10 hands and left the table

Switched back to free slot play on the 3-D Wheel of Fortune, picked up another 41

Trip is +3141


OK finished off my free slot play on a 3-D Wheel of Fortune machine – didn’t make much but, overall, for the free slot play of 630, I made back 639 (that’s a pretty good percentage – or so I believe


As such, the total for the trip, and I am heading home tomorrow, is +3339

Thanks for coming along for the ride — see you all at #Oceans14C2C



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