Vegas April 2018 Day 5

Today was a pretty relaxed day – woke up about 11am and finally left the room about 12noon when @_Lucky45 picked me up.


We headed to the Tropicana as I have never set foot therein and felt it was about time to check it out.


It was nice and clean – the ceilings were a bit low (owing to being an older property) – and it was much nicer than I expected — toured the grounds and the pool area looked like fun – I would definitely consider staying there.

From there – we headed to Red Rocks as I have never been there either — it was a classy casino and I learned that much of the movie “21” was filmed therein – I would also have no problem staying there either:


Went to a local spot for dinner – “Bootleggers” – good Italian fare – I had the chicken parmigiana with a side of spaghetti — rather than a basket of bread, they put out garlic knots with dipping sauce – excellently prepared.




Now, @_Lucky45 and I are going to surprise Mitch from @TippingOddsLV over at the Southpoint.  Mitch was indeed surprised and we ended up watching him play some Video Poker, grabbed a quick bite to eat eat Steak ‘n Shake and even played some roulette (I bet black 4 in a row and only won once lol).



The incomparable Mitch:



Today felt like a day where I did not really want to gamble – I just wanted to relax and enjoy Vegas and check out some places I had never been to while hanging out with some good friends.  Tomorrow will be my last day in Vegas before heading home on and I plan on playing some cards – stay tuned.

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