Vegas April 2018 Day 4

And away we go on a Saturday in Vegas – woke up about 12noon and hit the Strip for caffeine and a mini blackjack session:







IMG_0896IMG_0897IMG_0899IMG_0900IMG_0902Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 5.14.56 PM


Stopped in at the Flamingo and sat down at a 100min table in the high limit room to play – got through one shoe without incident and grabbed another 400 – making the trip now -1500

Headed back to the room to relax and the movie Dodgeball was on – had to watch it while relaxing – showered, ironed a button down and slapped on my shiny sneakers and headed out — walked down to the LinQ promenade to Starbucks but, lo and behold, they were all out of cold brew — so, the barista suggested an iced coffee with a shot of espresso — oh yeah, it hit the spot — as I made my way back through the Flamingo, I decided to stop and play a few hands in the high limit pit while figuring out what to have for dinner — I played a quick ten hands and picked up 600 — no fuss no muss

Trip is now -900


I had the Total Rewards desk print out my Diamond Celebration $100 gift certificate and headed to the steakhouse in the Flamingo — I ate there back in October and enjoyed every morsel — the bread they give you pre-meal is a butter and salt croissant – delicious – I ordered the 7oz. filet and it was seasoned perfectly – the fries were also delicious – if you  are ever looking for an excellent meal – definitely check out the Center Cut Steakhouse


Nightclub news:

I was talking to one of the security guards in the hotel about how crazy the nightclub line is – he told me ladies get in free before midnight so the line gets insane — I asked him what they charge the men — he said “Right now, it is $75” then added “depending on how many women are in the club, they raise the admission prices” – finally stating that he has seem them charge men as much as $300 each to get in — WOW!


I headed over to the Flamingo once again and was greeted in this fashion:


I made my way to the high limit room, bought in, played six hands, and achieved the dream:



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