Vegas April 2018 Day 3

Woke up around 11am after falling asleep about 2am – not too bad – had a good night’s rest — then, while watching a Star Trek TNG marathon, I fell asleep again until about 2:45pm lol

Showered, got dressed and headed to grab some caffeine – once the caffeine was in my bloodstream, I sat down for a blackjack session:

No surrender

Played with a lady sitting at the table already – I sat at 1st base
Pushed the first hand of 20
Both the other lady and I lost every other hand in the shuffle

Next shuffle – nothing really to report as the losing continued until the lady at the table had had enough and left – leaving me to play alone, now down 175 out of my 250 buy in

With only 75 left of the buy in I went for broke and put up the 75 — won the hand
Next hand I put up 50 – got dealt a 9,2 v dealer King — doubled – dealer busted – I was back to my buy in of 250

Another gentleman sat down at 3rd base, from Boston, and the dealer had or made a 20 on the first 7 hands straight – luckily, I had 21 on 4 of those occasions WOOHOO
By the endow that shuffle, I was +100 for the session and took a break for some caffeine

Trip is now -2150

I was just walking on the Strip and one of the S&M cops with the whip hit me in the ass with her whip as I walked by – I neither requested it nor welcomed it – if one of the shirtless men who pose for photos on the Strip smacked a woman on the ass as she walked by – society would be outraged and the #metoo movement would protest – I get whipped and people walking by smile and giggle







Showered, got ready and headed down to the casino for some iced coffee and blackjack…

Sat down to play at a 25min table
Right from the start the dealer was pulling hands left and right – then some guy sat down and decided he wouldn’t double or split any hands nor would he hit on any 14-15-16 v dealer 10 – he was quickly wiped but, so was I – lost the 350 I had gained back earlier in about 10 mins

Trip is -2500

Switched tables and, in the first shuffle, the dealer dealt herself a 12 on five occasions — on each and every 12, she pulled a 9 — there are only eight F’n 9’s in the entire 2 decks and she pulls five of them at exactly the right time

Trip is -2600

Slots interlude:

My dad gave me 100 to play Wheel of Fortune slots for him – sat down at a $1 machine playing max credits – here is the highlight:

So, after 20 spins, the credit readout read $207 — my pops wins $107

Pops +107

OK here we go – headed and got some iced coffee then sat down at a 25min double deck game

I had four 20s in the first shuffle – dealer made a blackjack on three of them and a 21 on the other
The first hand of the next shuffle i had 50 up and dealt an 8,3 v dealer 5
This idiot says: “This is a guaranteed win” – which, I knew, meant I would lose – he turned over a 9 then dealt himself a 7 for 21 – he turned over my face down card and it was, naturally, a 3

Trip is -2900

Took a breather by walking over to the Flamingo and walked right in on this:


I sat down to a 6D game in the Flamingo high limit pit and, without much ado, had won 1k by the end of the shoe

Trip is -1900

As I had not eaten anything the entire day, I decided to sidle up to the counter at Johnny Rocket’s — to my chagrin and surprise, the menu was completely downsized – they did not even have BBQ sauce #ComeOnMan

The waitress was great though so that was a plus – had a cheeseburger and fries and, feeling satiated, headed back to the Cromwell where a line snaked from one end of the casino to the other — apparently, Snoop Dogg is performing at Drai’s nightclub tonight in honor of 4/20


And with that, I am in the room relaxing – it was a roller coaster of a day – will do it all again tomorrow


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