Vegas April 2018 Day 2

Fell asleep about 8pm last night and woke up at 2am this morning – wide awake, I decided to stroll the Strip a little bit – venturing past the hookers located at the slot machines off the elevator at Cromwell – past the 3 middle-aged conventioneers actually thinking the hot 20 something blonde at the bar was actually interested in them beyond how much they might chip in to pay for her – past the girl standing outside the entrance to the casino trying to get me to take a “free limo” to whichever strip club she was shilling for – and just took some very early morning photos



So, at the Cromwell, guests have no access to any ice machines – I was told I could text the  hotel’s “virtual concierge” – nicknamed Ivy – to have ice immediately brought up to my room — since I had no other option, I texted “Ivy” and asked for ice – “she” replied that it would be at my room momentarily — after about 25 minutes, I texted “Ivy” again:

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 4.36.08 AM

Finally, after about 45 minutes, there was a knock on the door and the front desk manger was there delivering me the ice – she said she did not realize I had been waiting 45 minutes – she apologized and told me the bell desk was very busy (really, at 4am???) — I tipped her (she looked surprised) — not sure I am liking this “virtual concierge ice service” situation – I would love to be able to get my own ice as needed as ice is a quickly depreciating asset

When housekeeping knocked on my door to clean up the room – I asked about the ice and the housekeeper told me that when she first began working here, she asked why they had locked the ice machine room — they informed her that too many people were caught in flagrante dilecto therein and had to close up shop.

Here I am in @thetrooper97 video vlog from yesterday:





I ventured out looking to play some blackjack and found out the Cromwell does not open their high limit pit until 8pm Thursdays and close up on Monday morning…so, I walked over to the Bellagio to check out the conservatory:








Then a stop at the Aria to say hi to some staff there I have gotten to know over the years:



Made my way over to Planet Hollywood to see if they had games open in the high limit pit — only one table was open but it was Reserved:



Then wandered back towards the Cromwell, stopping at the Bally’s Bazaart shops to get an individual pizza from Giordanos.

Had dinner at the Palms then returned to the Cromwell where the high limit pit was now open — sat down to an empty 6D game and this happened:

Played 2 shoes
won a total of 8 hands
lost every double down
lost every split
lost every time I pressed
dealer had 7 blackjacks in those 2 shoes (I had none)
-2500 in 10 minutes

I relaxed the room for a bit then decided I would take 500 down and just play at a 25 table

The first table I sat at there was a woman at first base – another gentleman in the middle seat and I took 3rd base – the game was:
No surrender

Bought in for 500 and after about 20 minutes was still ± 75

Then two drunk guys came in and stated they were not going to interrupt the game and would wait for the next shuffle — that lasted less than 3 seconds as they both pushed chips into the betting circle (they each had about 60 in red chips)
Naturally, they were inebriated and had no idea why the dealer was pitching them the cards face down – they kept picking them up with both hands – and, when the dealer admonished them – one of them replied “Don’t tell me what to do” — of course, they both won their first 3 hands then they both let it ride on the 4th hand and were wiped out — they left stating “Good, we didn’t want to play that stupid game anyway” #classy

After they left, we resumed and, during the next shuffle, the lady at first base made a mistake – she thought she had 8.5 but she had 8,3 (which she didn’t realize until after the hand played out and she lost) – that sucks

A few shuffles later, I was down about 250 and the gentleman in the middle seat decided to try his luck at another table – so, with just the lady at first base and I still playing, the blackjack gods began to smile upon her and from at me – after the next shuffle, I was down 400, with 100 left of my 500 session buy in — I decided to take a walk through the casino and take a few deep breaths

After about 15 minutes, I found a table occupied by a young guy and his friend – they seemed friendly and asked if I might wait for the next shuffle before coming in – sure, no problem

Finally shuffled up, I lost the first three hands and was down to my last green chip from my 500 buy in – I won the next 5 hands, began to press and even won a couple of double downs — over the course of the next few shuffles, I had not only regained the 500 buy in – but, another 250 as well — so, for the trip – I am -2250

An aside:

The pit critter motioned to me as I colored up the chips and asked me: “Hey, what’s up with your hair?” – I replied – “What do you mean?” – he said – “It’s all crazy and out of place” – I looked at him quizzically and asked him what that had to do with anything – this was the second time today that a male commented don my hair – I don’t get it – is that now a thing to do? WTF‽ Why would another man care what some other guys hairstyle was???



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