Vegas April 2018 Day 1

Barely slept last night – although I would usually chalk that up to pre-Vegas excitement, it is par for the course over the past few months dealing with insomnia.

I arrived at the airport this morning and, once again, was surprised by the number of people who still have no clue how to get through the TSA check expediently.  One guy was trying to carry on 3 small suitcases –thus causing the line to slow to a crawl as he was notified that he would actually have to check 2 of his suitcases.  People people people – we have all been through airports and know the rules – you re not going to get around baggage fees by claiming every piece of your luggage is carry on.  Just stop it – please.


A friend of mine picked me up at the airport and we stopped at Green Valley Ranch – never been there before but it seemed like a low key place to play.


I grabbed a Starbucks cold brew and caffeinated myself after the early start to the day and headed over to The Cromwell to check in.

Although the room is small – I would say it is a “sexy” room:





So I just went looking for ice at The Cromwell and, after a fruitless search, asked one of the housekeeping staff where the ice machine was — she informed me that there is no guest access to the ice machines — hotel guests must either find housekeeping staff to obtain the ice or call the front desk and they will send a bellman up with it — this seems very strange to me.

I took a walk around the Strip and ended up at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace – as I passed the Starbucks near the Las Vegas Blvd. exit and noticed someone wearing a “Go Gamble” hat – upon further review, it was the one and only @thetrooper97 . I stopped in to say hello and ended up having a 30 minute conversation about Vegas, gambling, Twitter and other issues.  Tim a/k/a Trooper was down to earth, personable and engaging  — was a pleasure to run into him and I look forward to his future Vlogs on YouTube

Forum Shops:




I took this photos of Chrome Hearts b/c a few years ago I went in there to look around – they quickly admonished me for walking in there with my Starbucks iced coffee and informed to take it outside because they did not want it to leak onto the merchandise — meanwhile – all the merchandise is inside of glass cases #smh



My phone rang as I exited the Forum Shops, @_Lucky45 invited me to dinner at The Charcoal House at Palace Station

Braised short ribs with mashed potatoes:



Well, I ended up crashing after dinner and just woke up (around 1am PST) – debating whether to venture down to the casino but think I might just go back to sleep and get an early start on the day tomorrow…

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