I’ve thought about writing this post for about a week now — it is not something that I have looked forward to at all.  Normally, in the world of matrimonial law, the first two weeks of January are the busiest two weeks of the year in terms of potential new clients setting up consultations and retaining attorneys.  I have always hypothesized that the reason for this was that, for families with children, the parents did not want to ruin the holiday season for their children – instead, grinning and bearing it to give their kids one last happy holiday season as a family (bittersweet, indeed).

So, as has been customary for the past few years, the phone has not rung during these first two weeks of January.  Silence, in this case, is not golden – both literally and figuratively.

For those who know me on Twitter – you probably could sense I was a bit, shall we say, “depressed”, the past week or so.  Well, the reasoning is partially due to the above lack of new clients and the other part knowing I was going to have to draft this post.

You see, #Oceans14SB is coming up in a little over two weeks – something I helped organize and have been looking forward to — to see all my friends again and have an amazing time in my favorite city, Las Vegas.

However, as you might have guessed – I am going to have to cancel my #Oceans14SB trip — without any new clients – and with all the cases I had in 2017 either settled or on the verge of settling – I have no income coming in without new clients — without any income coming in, and with only one month’s worth of bills in the bank for expenses, there is no way I can come to #Oceans14SB (despite the hotel and flight being comped through TR and my credit card miles) as the daily expense of Vegas would have to go on a credit card and any gambling bankroll would have to come from a credit card cash advance.

I feel like a total loser for what my life has become and I feel like I have let you all down. I know you will all have an amazing time with each other and enjoying the thrills that accompany a trip to Vegas with friends.  I wish you all safe trips and positive variance.

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