New Year’s Eve Weekend 2017-2018: Day 1

Well well well – we finally made it down the yellow brick road to the end of another year with the hopes of a prosperous 2018.

I headed out for Mohegan Sun in the early afternoon in the hopes that the snow would only minimally affect the usual 2.5 to 3 hour trip – damn if I was not wrong – it took me about 5 hours!!!

However, since the valet area is for hotel guests only – it was quick and easy to park and then, a breeze to check-in as they had a full complement of staff behind the check-in desk.

I made it to my room:




After relaxing for a bit I headed to print out a new player’s card and found out I had $200 in “Player Perks” (these can be used for dining or shopping (but not for gambling)).  So, I headed to Sephora and stocked up on some skincare items I use (yeah, I admit it).

On the way back, I stopped and ordered some Chic-fil-A:




Being satiated, and armed with a positive attitude, I headed down to the casino floor to play some blackjack.  Three of the 10 tables in the High Limit area were “Reserved” – no big deal – and I found a dealer mid-shuffle and sat down (someone had left some chips stacked so I asked if they would be back to play and the dealer said “I think so” — the dealer concluded the shuffle, I cut the cards and, right on cue, the other gentleman returned.  What happened next is – well, you decide:


First hand: I am dealt a 14 and BUST — Didn’t matter as the dealer made a 6 card 19;

Second hand: I am dealt a 9 and hit for 19 – Didn’t matter as the dealer made a 5 card 21;

Third, Fourth and Fifth hands: Dealer blackjacks:

On the sixth through twelfth hands, the dealer consistently made 18-21 on each hand, all from low value cards

So, being down about $1,400 at this point, and seeing the ton of low cards already out, I increased my bets — only to have the dealer get two blackjacks in a row followed by a natural 20.

I left the table down 2k in a matter of 10 minutes — I remained calm (surprisingly).

I took a break, flirted with a cocktail waitress who had no idea she had an accent (strong Boston accent) and who had no idea there was any other tequila but Patron and then strolled the casino taking some photos:










I then headed back to the pit, once again with a positive attitude.  The dealer was friendly and the husband and wife playing at the table were also very nice.  I scratched and clawed ( not unlike the cats at Men and their Pussy’s ) my way for the next hour – finally winning a few hands in a row on more than one occasion and actually winning a couple of double-downs and actually being dealt two naturals WOO-HOO).

So, as bad as the first 10 minutes of blackjack was, the last 90 minutes were much better (why is it I can lose that much in 10 minutes but never win that much in 10 minutes? lol)

Oh here’s some news you can use: Last call: last call at Mohegan Sun casino is at 12:45am weekdays and 1:45am on weekends and no liquor until 9am every day of the week after “last call”. Apparently, even though the casino is on sovereign tribal land, they must abide by the liquor laws of the state of Connecticut.  Naturally, JoeG brings his own supply via backpack so this law is meaningless to his posse.

OK – back to the casino floor – here is one of the craps pits for the Twitter craps posse: @VitosCasino @YouCanBetOnThat @Mikey9s


There were maybe 3-5 open seats total in both high limit blackjack pits – needless to say I was not going to squeeze in at a table so I elected to have a late night snack at Sol Toro – a tequila bar/restaurant. Much to my surprise – they already stopped serving food at 11:45pm and were closing at 1am. I did get a nice video of all the tequilas they serve:

This is where things got interesting – I am sitting at the bar and tried to order some taquitos but, apparently, the kitchen closed at 11:45pm (oh Vegas how I miss thee) and the last call, as stated above on a weekend, was 1:45am, an American of Asian descent next to me said to me: “Hey, it’s just like Vegas, 2am” – I asked him both if he was serious and if he had ever been to Vegas – his response “Yes, plenty of times and they always cut me off at 1:45am” — I responded that that might have been the call of the bartender but, most service in Vegas is open 24 hours – he looked at me in shock – he could NOT believe that everything was 24/7 in Vegas — very strange.

Moments later a guy comes over and calls me by my name and says he remembers me from one year ago — I thought he had looked familiar — we had met last NYE weekend and somehow he remembered me.  He invited me to hang out with all his friends, offered me some ‘coke’ – which I declined – and we all hung out for about an hour.

I am now back in my room and ready for day 2 tomorrow.

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