#Oceans14XL Day 5

Finally had a day where I slept in – however, it was not too late as The Linq ‘robo-called’ me to remind me that they were throwing a Halloween party.  Thanks! lol

Upon fully waking up, I drafted #Oceans14XL Day 4 and got ready for the day.  After checking my Twitter feed – I noticed everyone was already over at Paris so I made my way there.

Eric, Randy and Chris were all playing at a $15 blackjack table while Jidan was in the Champagne Slots area.

After watching them play for a bit I headed into the High Limit blackjack pit and sat down for a couple of shoes — which, although there were no hands to write home about, netted me +500.

Trip +1650

After playing in the High Limit pit, I rejoined the #Oceans14XL crew and, all of a sudden, as I made my way to chat with Julian, Tom, Chris and Jidan, a woman hit for over $1.2 million on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine.  Julian and Chris sprang into action – attempting to interview and video the winner – although Paris security was none to pleased with this.  They informed the woman she could leave the machine and they would notify her when everything was verified in a few hours — she told them “No way am I leaving this machine!” — good call – I would have stayed there and watched that machine like a hawk (not just for other people messing with it but the casino itself).



Congratulations to the big winner:

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 10.47.52 PM.png


After all the excitement, everyone parted ways for the afternoon and I headed back to the Linq to register for the Halloween party.

We then heard from Joe, who was on a plane back to San Diego and informed the crew that the plane was speeding back to McCarran as a baby stopped breathing — he said the pilot was hauling ass and “coming in hot”.  The EMT’s were waiting at the gate and were able to save the baby’s life — thank you to the Las Vegas EMT .

After taking a brief nap, I woke up and could not find my phone.  I searched and searched and it was nowhere to be found.  I ventured down to the casino, searched and searched – even retracing my steps back to the CVS (ohhhh – here is an aside — while in CVS, I saw a homeless guy grab a bottle of vodka, shove it down his pants and run out — the alarm beeped but not one CVS employee even batted an eye — makes you wonder why any of us pay for anything there lol) — so, back to my search — I could not find the phone and finally assumed it was gone for good – that is, until I got back to the room and crawled on the floor on my hands and knees and noticed, right behind the leg on the couch, dangling between the cushions above the floor, my phone — how in the world it ended up there I will never know but, at least I found it.

I got ready to go to the Linq Halloween party (sans costume) and here are some of the highlights therefrom:









As the food was buffet style and really just appetizers and salads, I decided to use my Total Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner reward and eat over at Center Cut at the Flamingo — it was absolutely delicious — I was genuinely surprised.  After dinner, I decided to play some blackjack and made my way to the Flamingo High Limit room — this proved to be a mistake.

I sat down and, on the first hand, was dealt a blackjack.  I then proceeded to lose 9 hands in a row before finally pushing a hand – then losing another 5 in a row.  So, it only took 5 minutes to go from being up $1650 for the trip, to only being up $150 for the trip.  I assumed it was not my night at the tables and headed back to my room, where I am having some cheesecake and relaxing watching a Lifetime movie (yes, I said it – a Lifetime movie) titled “Custody” – which actually has courtroom scenes from a courtroom in the NY Family Court I have been in on many occasions.

Ahhh – more to come tomorrow.

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