#Oceans14XL Day 2

Woke up around 5am wide awake — did a little bit of work then fell back asleep for a couple of hours and proceeded to Starbucks to start the day.  Ended up chatting with a couple guys in line about Vegas, hockey and football.  Amazing how friendly people are and willing to discuss any multitude of things in Vegas — I wish people were like this outside of Vegas as well.

Headed over to Aria but there were no high limit games open – strange but I guess maybe it is a slow season and they were not going to open the games until noon.  Spent some time catching up with two of my favorite Aria personnel, Matt and Carol – then headed to the #Oceans14XL lunch at Five50 Pizza.

From right to left:

Mitch from @tippingoddslv
Chris from @facesandaceslv
Yours truly
Joe from @JoeQ_sd
Doug (friend of pat who is without a Twitter account)
Joe from @SALonghorn1
Patrick from @patman_ca



Pat and Doug had heard about #Oceans14XL via the multitude of podcasts discussing it and decided to show up to the lunch – so great meeting them both — it’s amazing how having a love of Vegas in common can bring people from all over the USA and Canada together — the love of Vegas creates an instant bond and all of a sudden, you are talking with one another like you’ve known each other for years — hope that Pat and Doug join us for additional events this week.

We then headed (along with Joe’s wife Norma) to the Las Vegas sign and memorial.  It was a humbling experience and gave me goosebumps looking at the memorials and all the lives senselessly lost.  So sad. #VegasStrong




Afterwards, headed back to the Monte Carlo to relax a bit, perhaps play some more blackjack, and get ready for the evening’s festivities.

So I ended up relaxing for a bit then getting ready to head over to the Mandalay Bay to meet up with some more #Oceans14XL peeps.



Jules and Kelly finally dropped into the set:


We watched into the 9th inning of the World Series and then headed for the Charlie Palmer Steakhouse — YUM!!!

They brought out a gigantic bread basket (which contained – wait for it – CORNBREAD — awwww hellz yeah!  I ordered the filet mignon, béarnaise sauce and au gratin potatoes – I was thoroughly stuffed but tasted a bit of dessert which was like a sweet cream gelatin with pineapple — talk about stuffed!!!

We had some good laughs and conversation and, once we were sufficiently stuffed, headed upstairs to the casino to play some “slot golf” – for the uninitiated, slot golf is a game wherein all those playing put $20 into the pot – we put it all in one machine and each person presses the spin button until they hit for any amount (but the most anyone can press is 6 times) — the winner of each “hole” of slot golf is the person who presses the spin button the least amount of times (up to 6) before winning any amount.  After 18 holes, the person with the lowest number of spins wins all the money left over.

We played the Elvira slot machine (Joe Gibson liked the bouncing breasts), the Playboy slot machine, Panda, The Walking Dead – and a few other nondescript ones — after 9 holes, I called it a night and headed back to the Monte Carlo (my score was so high I was not in the running to win anyway but I was exhausted).

I dialed up a Lyft and the car was already there at Mandalay Bay — woohooo – a few minutes later I was back in the room.

Here is the Mandalay Bay crew:



I did not even play one hand of blackjack today – but, I plan to tomorrow – sweet dreams to #Oceans14XL and Las Vegas.


Oh – did I forget to mention my mirror shoes were the hit of the night lol

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