Politics and Twitter



Dear Twitter friends:

I have made a decision to no longer engage in political or ideological discussions, retweets or responses to others Tweets as they pertain to politics and political ideology.

Day by day, it has grown more stressful to engage in such.  I have friends, both on Twitter and in the “real world” that ascribe to a different ideology than I do.  The more we engage in these discussions with one another on Twitter, with the full knowledge that neither of us will sway the other to their “side”, the more stressful nd strained these friendships become.

I do not want to lose friends over politics.  We are all Americans and, regardless of who is in office in Congress, Presidency, Supreme Court, we are all living in this great country.  Debate used to be an intellectual pursuit, with arguments posited by both sides – where, if one side had a strong enough argument and evidence for such, the other side could be persuaded.  However, the media and small pockets of our society have taken over the debate and, as such, caused us all to become so entrenched in our political beliefs that the intellectual pursuit of debate has become a shouting match.

As such, from this point forward, I will not engage on Twitter in any debates, discussion, etc. of politics.  I hope you all understand that I am doing this as friendships are more important to me than politics.

As always, I welcome your thoughts.


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