Vegas July 2017 Day 6

So today began with my trip being down 9500. I pushed and pulled and wrangled my way to small win after small win at 50/min. tables — eventually, by 9pm, having regained 3k, leaving me only down 6500 for the trip.

During the day, I was able to watch a lot of blackjack and noticed that almost every dealer, when asked by players about basic strategy, would give incorrect advice — examples being:

-“Never double against a dealer 2 – it’s just like an Ace”

-“Never split 8s against a dealer 9, 10 or Ace as all it does is give you the chance to have two losing hands”

-When someone asked about splitting 2s against dealer 6: “Splitting 2s is always a very tough call – I wouldn’t do it if I were you”

Ahhhhhh – nuggets of wisdom.

As the evening progressed, I decided to jump up to the 100/min. table — bad idea as 1500 of the 3k I had regained was gone within 18 hands — I lost 3 doubles and lost twice with a 20.

Now, while this was happening, across the pit, a player had a reserved table and was betting “flags” (red, white and blue chips worth 5k) per hand and his friend with him was playing black chips.  They were carrying on and having a good time — tipping very generously.

Eventually, I landed at the table next to them and encountered a “DWA” – Dealer With Attitude.  Not only did she not pay attention to dealing by staring at the tips being dropped from the high roller’s table, she would sigh and become annoyed when I would motion for a card or split or double — taking her out of counting the extra money that would be in her paycheck this week.  At one point, I made a 5 card 21 and she let out an “Ughhhhh” under her breath.

I realize I am not a whale or high roller and, being down a whole bunch, my tipping was not on par with the table next door, but to have open contempt for your job and the players that keep the casino in business rubbed me the wrong way.  I left the table and went to bed.

Not such an exciting day – but, grinding never is.  What are your thoughts on the DWA?

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