Rant: Mid-shoe entry RAAAAGING!!!

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Ok – so I was playing at a black chip table moments ago and, after getting brutalized the first ½ of the shoe, had finally started a comeback — out of the past 5 hands, I had been dealt 4 blackjacks — unprecedented!!!  At this point, the cute asian couple watching me decided to sit down…the wife put 4 greens into the betting circle and I turned and asked her if she was only coming in for one hand — she smiled and replied that they did not want to walk “ALL THE WAY” to the casino cage (which was a trek at 25 feet away) to cash them in.

I told the dealer I was going to sit out and let her play her one hand unobstructed.

Now, my thought is this — if you are coming in mid-shoe, the casino usually limits your maximum bet but, my idea is that if you come in mid-shoe, you should have to buy-in for some minimum amount (although, that might not work either as they could buy-in , play one hand and leave anyway hmmmmmm…?).

Anyway, she was dealt a 19 with the dealer showing a 10 – who then turns over an 8.  She turns to her husband who wants to leave, happy they doubled their money — she tells him she will keep playing until she loses a hand.  Well, she won the next 8 hands, including a blackjack.

What annoys me is that those were my hands — mid-shoe entry cost me, at a minimum, $850 (and probably more as I would have been pressing).

OK – so perhaps I sound like a crybaby but you cannot tell me you wouldn’t feel the same way…right?

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