Vegas July 2017: Day 4


Day 4 started out wonderfully — I headed to play and in one shoe had regained $800, making the trip only -7200.

I then had some breakfast and headed back to play again.  Once again, in one shoe, I was able to capitalize and gain another $1500, making the trip only -5700.

I took an afternoon nap and decided to play a little bit more before dinner and heading to the @matfrancomagic show.

The shoe started out nicely, with 3 straight wins for me — then, a husband and wife sat down and bought in for 2k.  The husband was playing 1st base and the wife was to my right as I was playing third base.  The husband was betting 500/hand and the wife 100/hand.  They were each giving one another the wrong advice (if you consider blackjack basic strategy the “correct” advice) and eventually they began playing one hand, then going back to two hands, then back to one, and on and on and on.

The good beginning of the shoe gave me to a shoe wherein the dealer did not bust one hand.  This dealer also led me to post the following RANT yesterday.  Needless to say, the 2300 I had regained earlier that morning was now gone with the wind.

Sensing that I needed a break, I headed to @offthestriplinq – which is quickly becoming my favorite go to casual restaurant in Vegas, this time having the cheeseburger on ciabatta bread with waffle fries.

From there, I headed up to the Mat Franco show — he won Season 9 of America’s Got Talent and was very entertaining – his show consisted mostly of card tricks and sleight of hand.  He also performed a trick near the end of the show where someone’s cell phone was “buried” inside one of the tables in the audience (I found this to closely resemble Penn & Teller’s cell phone inside a fish trick they usually open their show with.  I sat next to a Chinese gentleman and his wife — the husband was quite talkative and fun and informed me he had been a Mat Franco fan from the beginning of America’s Got Talent – his wife, however, fell asleep during the show.


After leaving the show, I headed back to the tables, where I bought in for 1500 and was dispatched in less than a shoe — the trip now -9500.

I decided that it was not meant to be and I went back to the room, relaxed and watched Impractical Jokers.

Trying to remain positive.


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