Vegas July 2017: Day 3


Started out today in a good mood — I had a good night’s sleep and was ahead $250 on the trip.  If only the blog ended right there.

I ventured next door to The Flamingo and sat down in the high limit room — betting between 100-200/hand, I held my own for the first couple of shoes, hovering ± 300 from my initial buy-in of 2k.

Shoe number 3 started with a bang – in a good way – I was dealt 2 naturals and was feeling good.  However, over the course of the shoe, I would lose 5 double downs and, by the end of the shoe I was down 1k from my initial buy-in.

Shoe number 4 started with my actually winning 3 hands in row followed by what seemed to be an inordinate number of pushes – but hey, a push is a win, right?

By shoe number 5 I was down only 400 from my initial buy-in then, this happened:

Dealt a 7, 7 versus a dealer 6 with 200 on the table

Split the 7’s and dealt another 7 — split that one and was dealt another 7

First 7…dealt a 3 and doubled for an 18

Second 7…dealt a 2 and doubled for a 20 (yup, got the Ace)

Third 7…dealt a 3 and doubled for a 16

Fourth 7…yup, dealt a 4 and doubled for a 19

So, with 4 hands of 200 and a double on each, I had 1600 out there…this could really start the trip off with a bang…

The dealer turned her down car over and revealed a Queen (YES!)  for a total of 16

The dealer drew a card and I was anticipating a dealer bust — hopeful the blackjack gods would finally smile upon me…

A 5 — a MOFO 5 — I silently walked away from the table while my blood boiled — one hand can change an entire trip — I was now down 2k for the trip.

I did not ignore the tilt vibe festering inside me – I went with it and walked next door to The Cromwell — where I sat down in the high limit room and, within 2 shoes, had regained the 2k back WOO-HOO!!!

I celebrated by grabbing an iced coffee and breakfast sandwich art Starbucks.

On my way back, I decided to try my luck again at The Cromwell…hoping for the same quick win result…

I should have known better — within 30 minutes I had unceremoniously lost 4k…full tilt had begun as I walked down to the Aria

I sat down at a 2D game and, right as the dealer dealt the first card he “jinxed” me by telling me that he has been “dumping chips all day” and that everyone who sat down at his table has at least “tripled their money” and was performing a “public service” to me so that I would know to leave once I “tripled my money”.  KISS OF DEATH!!!

With 18-19-20 on every hand of my first 9 hands, I only had one win.  Cue my exit from that table to a 6D game where the beating continued.  Another 2k gone in less than 15 minutes.

I switched over to the Aria high limit room where the dealer was friendly and said he hoped he could help me get some money back…so, on the first hand he dealt me a blackjack – which was all well and good (of course) until he said – “See, I told you you would get your money back with me” — KISS OF DEATH Part Deux as, within ½ a shoe I had lost another 2k

Trip now -8k without barely playing 2 hours in total

I attempted to switch my flight to go home immediately but it became such a rigmarole that I scrapped that idea and went back to sulk in my hotel room.

Mitch from @tippingoddslv gave me a pep talk and said he knew exactly how I felt (gamblers can always commiserate with a quick loss) and recommended I take the rest of the day/night off from playing and try to get a clearer idea of how I wanted to handle the rest of my trip.  Great advice as I decided to go grab some dinner and drinks and relax.

Tomorrow is another day.

Trip is -8k

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