Rant: Tip hustling

So I headed to play a bit before dinner and seeing the Matt Franco magic show.  From the very first hand, the table was at a loss — the dealer making a 21 versus all three of us being dealt natural 20s.

But, as it was only the first hand, we remained composed and continued our play.  About halfway through the shoe, it was clear that a negative vibe was taking over — not only had the dealer not busted a hand up to this point (including a few 16s), but, whenever she had an Ace up, she would check for a blackjack and pretend that she had it — then say “only kidding” — the other players and I looked at each other — the kind of look that says “hey, we are all losing our asses here and do not need the comedy routine”.  About three quarters of the way through the shoe, the guy at first base was dealt a natural — he tipped the dealer $25 and the dealer said “finally – someone actually tipping me…but a black would’ve been better” — he did not take kindly to this and whispered to me that he should have given her nothing.

When the entire table is getting destroyed, hustling tips should not even be on the dealer’s radar — I could see if the table was winning non-stop but this was a massacre.

I welcome your thoughts on her comedy routine and tip hustling.

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