Vegas July 2017: Day 2

The phone rang at 5:30am – my slumber shockingly disturbed – with a call from opposing counsel on a case informing me that the Judge wanted to do an immediate conference call. The attorney stated he reminded the Court that I was on vacation, to which the Court apparently replied “So‽”

About an hour later, I was on the phone with the Court and spent an hour on that phone call…so, that being said, I had been in Vegas almost 24 hours without having played a hand of blackjack — a rare situation.

Having been rudely awakened, I decided to make an early day of it, got ready and proceeded to seek out a blackjack game.

Armed with the knowledge that the Linq did not have any high limit room or any games with comparable rules, I headed south towards the Flamingo. I encountered their High Limit room and was informed that they only open their high limit area on weekends. Ok – duly noted. However, having bent Vegas many times and never checking out the “habitat” at the Flamingo, I decided to take a stroll:



Before leaving the Flamingo, I noticed a very large pair of legs that seemingly went on forever — knowing that Mitch from @TippingOddsLV podcast loves tall women, I shot this pic for him:



It was a very nice walk which eventually led me to seeking out a game at the Cromwell — where I was met with another closed High Limit room — apparently, they too, only open on the weekend.

Disheartened, I walked over to Caesars and came across the High Limit room with only 2 games open – a $100 6D game and a $200 2D deck – both being played by one man each who did not look like they were at all in good moods —I took that as a sign and made my way to the food court for some breakfast — Starbucks 🙂



Around this time I received a text from Chris at  @FacesAndAcesLV as he was going to interview the manager of a legal marijuana dispensary here in Las Vegas, @ApothecariumLV

The interview was informative and we were set up with a beginner “vape pen” so we could both try out the newly legal plant.  Later that day, upon trying it, neither Chris nor I really felt anything — perhaps we are “non-responders” or did not try enough of it?

On the way back from the dispensary, we stopped at the Lucky Dragon, where Chris hit a nice 4OAK and tried some Bao



After a relaxing in the room for a while, I got ready and headed over to Caesars as I was going to see the Adam Carolla Show Live.

I stopped to have a light dinner at Searsucker, ordering the sliders and duck fat fried potatoes:


I am a big fan of Mr. Carolla but, this show was not one of his best – perhaps because it consisted of Penn Jillette – who I normally enjoy as well, bashing Trump for about an hour (some people even walked out).

Thereafter, I walked the Strip down to Planet Hollywood and sat down in the High Limit room at a $100 6D game.  At first, I was alone, but was quickly joined by a bachelor party.  However, only one of the bachelor party members was playing – a fun-loving guy from San Diego who proceeded to wager $1,000/hand from his $30k bankroll.

Within half a shoe, he was already down to $10k, in the form of two chocolate chips.  He proceeded to bet both on two spaces and was rewarded for his boldness with a blackjack on each spot.  At this point, he kept the $5k chips up on each spot, dealt a double down on one and a 20 on the other — he won both of those hands, cheered with his friends, and was gone, out of sight.

Moments later, an asian gentleman who looked familiar sat down at the table playing two hands at $500 each.  He was wearing a Philadelphia Flyers hat and I began to remember where I knew him from — the Revel in Atlantic City — I had played with him numerous times in the Ultra Lounge back in the heyday of the Revel.  Such a small world — we exchanged pleasantries and carried on.

For the first 90 minutes of play, I could not win a double down and was only dealt one blackjack — the dealers were friendly and fun but, after 90 minutes, I was down $1200.  It was at this point that “T-Wild” joined the game with his girlfriend — Vegas locals who were not shy about sending in the chips — beginning with a $200 bet and quickly escalating to $2k bets.  This lasted for about 30 minutes before he had exhausted his bankroll.  Now 2 hours into play, I was still down, at this point, $1k.

“T-Wild” departed and Mr. Revel and I remained — he kept winning and winning and I kept losing and losing — double downs were not my friend and I would routinely push on the 20/s I was dealt.

Finally, after 3 hours of play, I received a nice run – the final ¼ of a shoe wherein I got back to even plus $250.  As it was about 2 in the morning at this point and I had a hike back to the Line, I decided to wrap it up for the night and grab something to eat and go to bed.

 So, the trip is +250


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