$4k or $40k

A few years ago I had sent some front money to the GNLV in the amount of $4k – front money – for those of you who do not know, is basically a wire transfer of funds to the casino so you can draw from it while there — it also allows you to wire back the original money plus any winnings (should you actually have any lol)

Upon checking in and exploring Fremont, I was itching to play some blackjack so I went to the cage and asked them to give me a voucher to bring to the table so I could buy chips — I filled out the paperwork and provided my ID and about 5 minutes later, was handed he voucher — I did not bother looking at it and headed to the pit — I handed it to the pit boss and she exclaimed – “Wow – stepping up a notch or two are we!” followed by “I’m going to have to call the cage to verify this” — Quizzically, I asked her what she meant and she showed me the voucher – it was written out for “$40,000” — I laughed and said “There must be some special promotion where you get 10x your front money amount” — I did not think formone second I was entitled to the “$40,000” – obviously, someone made a typo — I did not threaten to sue them (like people who win a jackpot on a penny machine that is obviously NEVER an amount paid on that paytable) nor would I ever want someone to lose their job because I chose to be an asshole – the error was remedied and everyone laughed about it – no harm, no foul 

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