Here comes the Sun Day 2 April 2017


Started the day by sleeping in, followed by French toast at Hash House A Go Go – of course, if you know anything about HHAGG, you know the portions are ridiculously large.  I finished only about ⅔ of the French toast plate.

From there, I walked around checking out the scene and finally settled on a blackjack table.  As I was buying in, a lady at the next table became very excited and three pit bosses came over.  Apparently, she was playing the $5 side bet for the progressive and she was dealt:



and the dealer was dealt



Voila!  Progressive win–verified–however, despite having just banked an amazing chunk of change, the lady did not leave – -I heard her say “Im just gonna play a little bit more” – I remember thinking to myself “famous last words”

In other news, I lost the first 12 hands of the shoe, with the dealer making 21 or blackjack on 6 of those hands.

I persevered and, by the end of the shoe, made it all back plus another $50

Trip is +550

Took a nap for about an hour and headed back to play some more — played in the High Limit room by the Wolf Den and, by the end of one shoe, picked up another $600

Trip is now +1150

Headed to dinner at Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain where I had the homemade potato chips (nice and warm with a bleu cheese dipping sauce) to accompany my NY Strip steak perfectly cooked with a house steak sauce. Yummy!

After dinner I played a little bit, once again running into the “billion hands” theme – meaning, I know other people’s play does not affect me in the long rung but, in the short run, it usually kicks my ass.

Guy at third base refused to hit 12 versus 3 (tracking the cards thereafter would have resulted in a table win).  Of course, the lady next to me and I both lost the next four hands while third base enjoyed 2 blackjacks over the next four hands.  I then hit a King, 2 versus dealer 4 (content dependent basic strategy move) and thirds base chimed in that I “didn’t know what I was doing” – I replied, “you are probably right” and went about my business, losing about 1100 before heading to the COMIX comedy show headlined by @paulmecurio who did a lot of crowd work – passing by me walking through the crowd, he asked if I was “half-Asian” and said he would get back to me, which he did about 5 minutes later when he asked a man, woman and me to join him on the stage — he asked me when the last time I took steroids was and I told him
“not recently” — asked where I was from and, when I replied Long Island, got a huge response form the crowd — he then asked me the last time I “cupped a man’s balls” LOLOLOL – to which I replied “not recently” – the crowd laughed and he told me to “go fuck myself” and “he would do the jokes” LOL — he took photos with us on stage and said he will post them on Twitter and Facebook — so much fun!

After the show, I figured I would play some more cards and sauntered towards one of the high limit pits – to my surprise, the lady that had won the blackjack progressive side bet earlier was still playing – actually table-hopping – and she did not looked pleased – after all, by this time, 10 hours had passed since her victory — why she didn’t leave I will never know.

So I sit down at a table with another guy and we are playing a break even game for a few shoes until I finally got a few hundred back, at this point, only being down 500 for the trip.

However, it was then we faced a dealer change and a child wind blew through Mohegan Sun.  I lost the next 20 of 25 hands, including 4 double downs.  I had great cards (1-20 almost every hand) — only to fall into the “lose by 1” pattern.  It became a bloodbath but, something happened that surprised me — since taking these few months off and vowing to not making gambling the primary focus of a trip to a casino, I did not go on tilt, I did not run to the ATM, I did not take a cash advance — I just took it as a cost of entertainment, knowing I could have fun and a good time and, if I lost, ok, there will be another time where I can win or get a piece of it back.  YEs, the cards were horrible, but, I did not become a horrible version of myself upon losing.  Perhaps I have matured…?

As always, I welcome all of your thoughts and comments.

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