Here comes the Sun April 2017

Ok coming out of casino retirement today – heading up to CT to once again try my luck at the blackjack tables.

Love this sign on the Interstate:

Upon checking in, I was informed the the Starbucks was closed for renovations but that Imus Ranch Coffee and Dunkin Donuts were both open for business.  I must say that, in all the times I’ve been to Mohegan Sun, I have never come across a Dunkin Donuts – am I that oblivious? 

On the way to the room I ran into a host I knew from the REVEL days, small world.

So I was able to get a room in the Earth Tower (the new tower) so here it is:

I just took a nap – really needed it – my sleep schedule has been horrible lately due to tons of stress.  Upon waking I headed down to the players card kiosk and printed out a $250FREE BET and learned that, as my tier level increased, I would now receive 200 “choice credits” per month (prorated for this month).  With these “choice credits”, I can exchange them 2:1 for free slot play or free bets; they can also be exchanged for a buffet coupon or “momentum dollars” (which can be used for shopping or dining (I did not check the ratio on those exchanges though)). That being said, I exchanged my 100 “choice credits” for two $25 free bets.

So here we go, about to pop my regrown blackjack hymen — I sit down and just before the dealer was to deal an older gentleman asked if I minded whether he joined the game.  Not wanting to piss off the blackjack gods, I extended the courtesy and we began play.

I put my $250FREE BET out on the first hand and was dealt:

Ace, 7 v dealer King

I hit and was dealt a 2 for 20

Dealer turns over another King for a push

Second hand, my $250FREE BET still up in the betting circle:

Dealer blackjack!

I then won two hands and then the gentleman next to me said he normally doesn’t split cards  it would (correctly) split his 6,6 v dealer 2 — he lost the hand and vowed to “never split cards again!”

Unfortunately, he was not joking and, a few hands later, decided to not split 8’s versus a dealer 7 — he proceeded to be dealt a 10 to bust and I then busted but, of course, tracking the cards showed a table win if he splits.

Naturally, he proceeded to be dealt two blackjacks and win 5 of the next 5 hands whereas I lost 5 of 5


Having had enough of the short term effect of Mr. No Split, I moved to the adjacent table and, by the end of the shoe, was up a little bit.

Trip is +500

Here is the ultra high limit area for @_Lucky45

A map of Mohegan Sun:

Craps pit for @youcanbetonthat @snickers99poker @vitoscasino

Crazy long check-in line at 3pm:

Lobby water feature (panoramic):

Video coming down escalator to main casino floor:


So, although this was a “coming out of casino retirement” weekend, my plan was to keep the blackjack to a minimum and the relaxing and enjoying drinks and dining to a maximum.  As such, at about 7:30pm last night I enjoyed dinner at Tuscany (the restaurant behind the waterfall) – enjoying a ravioli appetizer and “Brooklyn-style” spaghetti and meatballs entree.  They made some nice margaritas and, surprisingly, they were in a tall glass (usually in a short glass but, her, I’m not a “mixologist” so what the F do I know.

After dinner, I got a comp ticket to see the “Filthy Friday” show at COMIX — two out of four of the comedians were funny, doing crowd work – even giving me the moniker of “the guido in the fourth row” — of course, there is always one guy or gal in the crowd that couldn’t take a joke – such was the case with a bachelorette party – they became annoyed when one of the comedians started in with them making some jokes – rather than laugh and just take it like everyone else in the audience did, they told the comedian to “move on” and “they weren’t in the mood for him” – WTF‽ – going to a “Filthy Friday” comedy show and then becoming annoyed when the comedians engage with you – ridiculous!
So, after the comedy show I was pretty tired and headed up to bed, still plus 500.

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