The Cosmo: Why I neither play nor stay

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Back in April of 2015, I had become quite the Vegas regular. I was going there approximately four times per year, staying at the Aria with an average bet of $175/hand on blackjack.

One of the dealers at Aria that I had become friendly with informed me that her daughter was a dealer at the high Limit room at The Cosmo and she thought I should walk over there, say hello and ask her daughter to have a host called to talk to me about becoming a player at The Cosmo.

Not one to pass up a possibly fruitful networking opportunity, I headed over to The Cosmo and found the dealer. We kibbutzed for a few minutes and she had the floor person call a host. The host asked me about my play and what tier card I had for MLIFE. I informed her of my play and told her I was Platinum with MLIFE.

The host then informed me that, “based on my level of play”, all she could offer me was a casino rate room Sunday through Thursday. I thought she was kidding — I thought I would have at least garnered her attention but, she did not even blink. The icing on the cake was that she then asked if I was ready to book.

I wished the host good luck at finding players for The Cosmo and that the Aria will continue to enjoy my four trips per year at my current “level of play”.

No, I was not ready to book and I will not be ready to book. The Cosmo lost out on making a great first impression on someone who would eventually head to Vegas every 2 months. A casino rate, Sunday through Thursday…really?

Makes no sense to me – I hear of green chippers getting comps and they won’t even take a chance on me…

Oh well, probably the same reason GNLV and GNAC only give me $25 match plays when my minimum bet is $100 — either their marketing department is screwed up or they just don’t want my business.

And for those who might ask: “Maybe the host was a newbie?” Well, i could tell buy her age she was not new to the casino world and the dealer who originally told me I should head over there knows this host and she is in no way a newbie – actually, she is (maybe was at this point in time) pretty high up on the host food chain

I welcome your thoughts.

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