Booked! July 2017

Taking a page out of the @Snickers99poker playbook, I decided to blog about my booking a trip.

As many of you know, on December 31, 2016, I had yet another dreadful session playing blackjack.  Rather than stay for the New Year’s Eve festivities and party I was invited to by Mohegan Sun, I decided to drive home and call it quits (at least temporarily) from going to casinos.

I have not been to a casino since then and have been extremely busy with work (a good thing).  However, the stress of my chose career has taken its toll and I decided a vacation was in order.

Offer upon offer continually poured into my email inbox…thoughts raced through my mind as to whether or not to finally come out of my self-imposed casino retirement and get back up on that proverbial horse.

Well, I just did.

The Vegas comeback trip has been booked for July.  Airfare (comped due to my using an airline credit card – accruing enough points for a free round trip).  Four nights at @TheLINQ (comped) followed by two nights at @Bellagio (comped).

Who’s joining me…?

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