NYE Weekend 2016: Day 2

Woke up, got dressed and headed down to Starbucks

The crew has already begun putting up the 2017 decorations
When ordering at Starbucks, I noticed about ¼ of the menu items had a “Sorry, we are out of __________” written over it — I attempted to order a cold brew with sweet cream (nope, they were out), skinny vanilla latte (nope, out of the syrup) – so, the barista informed me what sugar free syrups they did have lol and i ended up with a skinny cinnamon dulce latte – it was ok, not my preference



So as I was sitting down to play, a guy taps me on the shoulder to tell me he just played at the table and the dealer is giving away money

oh boy – thanks jinxy!!!

So the dealer shuffles and it is just another guy and me at the table

About halfway through the shuffle the guy notices that I have surrendered a couple of my hands and inquires as to what surrender is – I inform him you can give up your hand and keep 1/2 your bet – I see a lightbulb g off over his head but it is very dimly lit

This genius begins surrendering 13’s and 14’s against dealer 7’s and other such nonsense

Towards the end of the shoe I had 300 up and was dealt a 6,3 versus dealer 3 so I doubled

The guy at the table decides not to hit his 12 versus 3 even though he did every other time because he “had a feeling” this time

I get dealt a 7 for 16 (which would have given him a 19)

The dealer turns over a 7 draws an Ace (which should have been mine) –

I got up to walk away from the table but watched as the next card out was a 6 and waited to see what the dealer’s down card was , a Queen (she would have  hated and I would have been on the positive side of a 1200 swing)

What is wrong with people!

I switched tables and played with a  nice woman and we cheered one another on – towards the end of the shoe I had 200 up and was dealt an 8,3 versus dealer 6 — doubled and was dealt a 10 for 21

The dealer turns over another 6, draws a 4 then draws a 5 to push me on 21
After that, I made a nice run and the trip is now +2k

I headed to grab some lunch and relaxed in the room for a spell.  Eventually, I headed back down to the casino floor, which had been swelling with NYE revelers — I sat down at a table and basically was within a few chips up/down of my buy-in — watched the guy at the table with me go on an amazing run in the middle of the shoe — he was betting 100-300/hand and won about 7 or 8 in a row, eventually capping it off with a double down win of about 3200 — all in all, h won about $15k in half a shoe

On the other hand, I had lost 1k


Upon switching tables, I was unceremoniously disposed of, losing the first 6 hands, pushing 2, surrendering 1 and losing 4 more in a row

Trip now even


I switched tables again and the blackjack gods were in rare form, once again not allowing a win for me after 10 hands

Trip now -1k

I decided to take a half hour break and stretch my legs and mosey on over to one of the other pits…

I started winning some hands and, upon a new shuffle, a younger guy sat down (apparently his buddy was at the next table) — they were millennial who thought they were the second coming of EMINEM — lots of MOFO and N—A comments — well, he buys in with 300, plays 50 on the match the dealer side bet and 100 on his hand and proceeds to go up 4k in a matter of a few hands by hitting the suited match

By the end of the shoe, I was down another 1k

I switched tables again and this was where I thought I was going to make my comeback — I started winning some doubles, was actually dealt some blackjacks, and had regained 1k WOOHOO

Shuffle — enter another guy buying in with 400 this time

Of course this guy also started wining the match the dealer side bets and was soon up about 1k

Then, the dealer was tapped out, a card burned, and the demons of blackjack destroyed us both

He did not win another match the dealer bet, I lost 6 double downs in 2 shoes with no hand less than 18

I spit 8’s on 2 occasions and lost both

I lost virtually every natural 20 I was dealt

It was truly a lesson in negative variance

All told, I checked out of the comped room and headed home

I have done  a lot of soul searching over the past couple of years regarding my casino trips and gambling and have decided to end these sojourns.

I will write up a recap soon but, for now, 2016 ends my attempt to have fun playing blackjack.


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