NYE Weekend 2016: Day 1

Just arrived at Mohegan Sun for New Year’s Eve weekend – I have been working so much lately and was still undecided, as of last night, whether I would make my way up I-95 to ring in the 2017 in CT – upon waking this morning and heading to Court to file all the documents I have been drafting, I made the executive decision to hit the road
Upon arriving and entering the valet parking waiting area, it was apparent just how crowded it was going to be – gigantic swarm of people waiting for their cars – this led me to assume that these people could not get a room for the weekend based upon the hotel being at capacity

Speaking of which, rather than go to the VIP check-in, I went to the front desk where there was virtually no line – however, there were a few couples attempting to extend their stay through the weekend as they informed the clerk they were having “too much fun to leave”
Wow – checked in and headed over to Chic-fil-A and the line is about 20 people deep 😳

Went to swipe for the instant win game at the Momentum kiosk and did not win

I then headed back up to Chic-fil-A and the line was gone – must be speedy service or people gave up

I just overheard two women talking and one was complaining that her babysitter makes more an hour than she does – uhmmmmm solution (a) don’t have kids you can’t afford or (b) become a babysitter too


Also, while relaxing in the room I happened upon a show titled “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” — there was a Sweet 16 party and the birthday girl (already covered in tattoos – not that there’s anything wrong with tattoos but so thought legal age was 18 (maybe her parents consented?) – well, anyway, she had a rainbow colored ball gown on with bells sewn into it – tradition states that she must walk into her party in the dress and if a bell rings, it means she is not a virgin — well, her aunt and grandmother helped her hold the dress up so it wouldn’t drag on the ground and she walked slower than a three toed sloth – everyone rejoiced at her sign of purity (the bells not ringing) – she then changed and starting grinding on boys at her party – grandma intervened and the girl’s aunt kicked grandma out, telling her the girl is allowed to have fun — so, dry humping is allowed – shouldn’t that make some bells ring…?


After having my fill of gypsy culture, I headed to the floor — the craps tables were already packed ( that’s for you guys over at @youcanbetonthat )
Made my way to the blackjack pit and found a table for one
Won the first hand, dealer blackjack on second then rode the roller coaster – however, about halfway through I was down about 600 –

tons of low cards came out on the next few hands and I pressed my bet – got dealt a couple blackjack of my own and a double down and by the end of the shoe, had regained the 600 plus another 500

Trip is +500

Relaxed a bit in the room, showered and ventured back to the casino level seeking sustenance – as I have never eaten at Tuscany (the restaurant behind the waterfall) I decided to try it

I sat down at the bar and ordered the chicken parmigiana (even surprised me with ricotta cheese underneath the chicken – nice touch) — the meal actually came out in under 10 minutes (I guess because I’m one of the few people eating dinner at 5:30 as if I’m living in Del Boca Vista Phase II)


OH BOY – what just happened was not good for my blood pressure nor my positivity

Firstly–half of the tables in high limit are reserved – on NYE weekend lol

Only one reserved table had a player and he was playing between 500 and 1k per hand although in the fifteen minutes I was in the area he was too busy chatting with the dealer –   he played maybe 5 hands lol — i wonder what his theoretical is for 20 hands an hour lolol

All other tables already have 4 or 5 players on them then, out of the corner of my eye I notice a table with a white chick in her late 20’s and an elderly asian guy in his late 150’s who was basically sitting in the chair taking a nap

He opened his eyes as I approached the table while the white chick was about 10 feet away on her cell phone while the dealer shuffled — I motioned to the elderly guy asking if the seat next to him was taken and he gestured for me to sit down

Before I could even move the chair an inch, I heard the shrill voice of millennial white chick loudly proclaiming that “NOBODY CAN PLAY AT HIS TABLE – I WON’T WIN IF YOU SIT HERE!”

I asked both her and dealer if the game was reserved – the dealer shook his head no, the girl said no but that she is playing alone

I reminded her that it is NYE–probably the busiest weekend of the year and, unless the casino puts a reserve sign on the table, anyone with at least one table minimum bet can play there

She then screamed “I DON’T CARE YOU CAN’T PLAY HERE!”

The entire pit looked at me because, of course, in our social justice warrior society, a woman screaming at a man must mean the man is being abusive to her‬

Rather than escalate the situation, I bowed to societal pressure (of course my being 5’11” 250lbs doesn’t make me look like the victim)

I called the pit boss over and told him what happened and reminded him it was not good for business for other players to verbally assault other players and virtually force them from playing — the pit boss said he didn’t see or hear anything lol riiiiiiiiiight

As I was speaking to the pit boss, she chimed in again saying she “politely asked me if i could wait for the next shuffle” uhmmmmmm schizophrenic much???

So, as I began to stew, I decided to sit down next to the asian Methusaleh and she turns to me and says “You know, there is no mid-shoe entry” to which I replied – “I am very much aware of the rules, im just here to watch you lose”

After about 2 minutes of quiet reflection and looks from others in the pit, I decided to vacate the area – on my way out, I turned to her and said “you know what, I don’t want to be so negative heading into 2017 – have a happy new year and good luck Ma’am”

With all the grace of newborn giraffe attempting to stand up for the first time, she turns to me and says: “I’M NOT A MA’AM, I’M A MISS!”


My host informed me she will “look into it”


I took a walk and ran into a woman and her father who were among the regulars back in the heyday of the Revel in AC – we chatted a bit,wished them both luck and will see them at the party tomorrow – such a small world


After my walk, I sat back down again at a table that was just opening up – another guy sat down and another gentleman and his wife sat down – the pit boss immediately asked him for is social security number as, apparently, he had bought in for $10k or more (in total) over the past 24 hours

Guy at first base was betting 300-600/hand, guy in the middle was betting between 100-200/hand

Halfway through the shoe the guy at first base left up about $1400

I stayed until about 85% through the shoe and picked up another 1k

Trip is +1500

I then went to the mexican place for a late night snack – a barbacoa burrito – ending up talking with one guy who owns a pool company and some other guys, one of which wanted to become an attorney
What a crazy long day


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