NYC: December 2016

Today’s “trip report” is a first for this blog, a non-gambling TR.I am staying the night in NYC as I am due in court all day and then going to a networking/holiday party.

The hotel I am staying at is a mere 15-minute walk to the courthouse and right across the street from the lounge where the party is being held tonight (that was fortuitous as I did not even realize it until I checked in and saw the place across the street)

The room is tiny and slightly kinky – the shower is bordered by a glass wall and curtain – the curtain, however, is controlled by whoever it NOT in the shower :



I am on a lunch break now before heading back to court – probably will not be much to write about until later but I will take pics as I walk back to the courthouse.

Was hungry so decided to eat at the restaurant connected to the hotel, named Bread – ordered a burger and was delightfully surprised when out came this beautiful burger with fontina cheese on ciabatta coupled with parmesan truffle fries – YUMMY!!!

I am now relaxing in the lobby seating area:

I took a nap then headed to grab me dinner – ended up with spaghetti and meatballs:


After dinner I took a walk and “somehow” ended up at the Ferrara’s take out line for some Cannolis and Napoleon:


After having the cannolis for dessert  I showered and changed to head over to the networking/holiday party.

On my way into the lounge, I saw two people attempting to figure out how to get in (it was supposed to be a hidden, “speakeasy” type entry and I asked them if they were going to the party – they looked at me, looked at each other, then went about trying to get in a locked door rather than follow me into the party — I then assumed that it had been my mistake, that they were not even looking for the lounge but, nope — about 5 minutes later they walked in — why do I even bother to try to help people? Is it really its own reward?

I ended up meeting two attorneys – one a personal injury attorney who did not cease bad mouthing any school that was not ivy league and another who was a fun guy to speak with who wants to get retire next year from the Department of Social Wecurity, move to California and begin practicing divorce law (with no experience) — we exchanged contact information and I will hook him up with a divorce attorney in Los Angeles I am friends with (he said he would work for the minimum while he learned California divorce law)

I then met two investment bankers – one of which I thought might be a pimp as he kept referring to some of the models that were there as “his girls” – god only knows but he was a character and stated he would surely send me clients
Just an FYI, mixed drinks made with house liquors were $17 each 😳

About midnight, I had had enough and headed back to the hotel, grabbed a bag of chips and a Kit Kat bar from the mini-bar, turned on the television and relaxed.

Although not as exciting as the blackjack roller coaster, a non-gambling trip (even just an overnight one) was a nice change of pace.


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