December 2016: CT Day 2

Ok time to rise and shine – normally, when I am going to sleep I listen to a podcast or sports talk radio — also, normally, I set a sleep time there on – however, apparently I forgot to do so last night and so I woke up about 4am hearing callers discussing various teams – at first I thought I was dreaming and totally forgot I was at Mohegan Sun, thinking I was at home – by the time I oriented myself I fell back asleep
Fast forward to a few hours later, secured a late checkout and headed to the floor–grabbed a Starbuck’s and headed to the tables
Sat down to play head’s up with another $250 free bet in my bankroll holster — halfway through the first shoe I had regained a couple of chips but gave those back by the end thereof
Second shoe was nice, winning a couple of double downs, then losing a few and then finally unholstering the free bet
I was dealt an 8,7 v dealer 5 – so you’re saying there’s a chance

dealer flips over a 6

then draws a…

wait for it…

2, then a 10 YES won the free bet and, by the end of the shoe, I had regained another 500
Trip now -300

As a side not, I am seeing a plethora of younger people wearing these Brookstone Cat’s Ears headphones:

I defer to the authority on all things “millennial”, @vegasfanboy for edification thereon.

Headed back to the tables after a short walk and played four shoes with another gentleman at the table – he was complaining hey he was always “one card away” in the shoe from getting the card he needed (haven’t we all been there?)
So, on the last hand of the fourth shoe, I was dealt a blackjack – yes, I would be +50 and heading home–not so fast, dealer had an Ace hiding under his King

From there, you can already predict what happened–lost everything back I had regained and was once again -2k
I took another walk trying to figure out why the blackjack gods could t have just let me have that blackjack and go on my way
I walked over to a different pit and ran into the same guy I had been playing with previously – we started up a new shoe and a woman then sat down (an acquaintance of his) and we played…

Another side note – there were 5 other tables (all empty) and yet three people came and wanted to squeeze it in our table – the guy I had been playing with told them all we were all playing two hands — the pit boss allowed this as he and the woman were averaging 1k per hand and would have given him a Reserved table anyway

So back to playing and none of us had any luck — after two shows I left the table down another 1k
After switching tables, I won the first three hands then, naturally, dealer switch followed by two dealer blackjacks in a row…
The dealer could not bust his hands but, towards the end of the shoe, I won a couple of doubles and had regained 500, the trip now -2500

Yet another side note: I had arranged for a 12noon checkout and, as it was 11:55am, I did not want to run back to the room to check out so the pit said they would arrange a later checkout for me — apparently their “juice” only got me a 12:30pm checkout time…

If I had called my host she would’ve just comped me as many more nights as I wanted yet the hotel portion was “nickel and diming” me over a late checkout — is this typical?

Although I was hungry, I wanted to try and regain some more chips and sat down to play again (after checking out) and went on a nice run almost immediately and then, naturally, a dealer change and a reversal of fortune – I decided to stop the bleeding and, after having gained back 1k, left regaining 850
The trip is now -1650

I returned to the pit and watched a bird snacking on a cracker the waitress gave it (apparently birds fly in and out of here all the time – hell, if you’re a bird, why wouldn’t you hang out it here where it’s warm and there is an abundance of food around to peck at)
After the bird flew away I once again sat down to play (hey, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it) — the pit boss told me getting back to even would be easy and the dealer told me to bet 2k on the first hand–I should have listened as I was dealt a blackjack
From there, not many good hands came my way–the dealer made it a habit of getting 21 when I had doubled a hand–if I had won those, would have been almost even–alas, by the end of the shoe I had regained another 350

As such, the trip is now (once again) -1300

After grabbing some water and some

mints, I headed back to play

Nothing really to write home about other than losing a couple more doubles that, if i had won, would have gotten me back to even–but, I did pick up a few more chips and the trip is now 900 to the negative

Alright, headed back to play and the blackjack gods decided the dealer would get 20 or 21 whenever I had a double — once again, if i had won the four doubles I lost, i would have been even
That shoe ended and a woman around 65-70 sat down complaining how she was losing every double – I replied “Join the club” and wished her good luck
The shoe started and about 5 hands in I was dealt a 7,8 v dealer K

I hit and was dealt an Ace for 16

Based upon content dependent basic strategy, I stayed

Well, the sounds that emanated from my table mate sounded as if she was being anally proved by aliens (and not in the good way!)

She then informed me that if I didn’t know how to play, I shouldn’t be playing

I didn’t say anything and continued to play

The next hand was dealt and she aaa dealt a 17 — immediately, she began laying into me saying that I caused her to have a 17 and she was going to lose — once again, I stayed quiet

She lost the hand and on the next hand she was dealt a 12 and busted – once again she turned to me and said “you know, it’s people like you who ruin the game of blackjack for people like me – you don’t know what you’re doing and you end up costing other people at the table money” — I could hold my tongue no longer and inquired of her: “Do you know what the next card is going to be?” she ignored my question so I followed up, asking: “Did you ever win a hand you wouldn’t have because someone played a strategy you didn’t believe to be correct?” — she ignored me again and I finally asked her: “If you truly know what cards are coming next, why didn’t you double your 19 earlier when the next card out of the deck was a 2?” — she finally yelled at me again, exclaiming: “ai cant be bothered with you – you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and i’m not going to let you cause me to lose any more money” — she looked for a sympathetic ear from the female dealer and did not receive it – she then stormed away
at that point, my positive mental outlook had dwindled so I punched the chair away from the table and took a break
Trip is still -900

I bought it an a table with a man and his wife, later joined by another lady — the other lady, an elderly asian lady, bought in for 400 and consulted the table and dealer on each and every hand — sometimes she listened, sometimes she did what she wanted — she won about 3k in 7 shoes
The husband, wife and I all got utterly destroyed. I cannot describe the ass-beating we suffered other than to say it was reminiscent of one of my 2015 trips to Aria, wherein I busted virtually every 12, lost virtually every double and split and was wiped out unceremoniously — it is weird in these situations when dealers laugh nervously as, any type of laughter is not something I want to hear at that point
I think about what might have been – he the dealer not pushed me in that earlier blackjack, I would have left winning $50
Instead, rather than call it “even” at being -100, I chased the $100 and lost 4k
I have nobody to blame but myself but that’s no fun…and, I am coming to believe that blackjack had changed, variance has been horrific for two years now — although I am scheduled for a NYE weekend casino trip, it is about 50/50 now as to whether I will go and, if I do, I think it might be a last hurrah before I take a 6 month hiatus from blackjack
As always, I welcome your thoughts.

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