December 2016: CT 

Well, I just arrived at Mohegan Sun for a one night stay…They sent me $250 free bet for today and again for tomorrow (has to be played on an even money bet and they take the free play coupon win or lose) and they gave me $200 in momentum dollars for shopping (which expire today so, I figured a one night trip might be fun)

Upon checking in, they informed me that I would be in the new Earth Tower – as the tower only opened a few weeks ago, I am among the first guests to stay therein

ALL the outlets have USB charging capability:


There is also a Belkin dual iPhone charger in the room:


Of course, a room tour:

Like I stated in the video, the room feels like a boutique Manhattan hotel room – on the smaller side but with a cool vibe to it.

Additionally, there is a faint scent of Play-Doh to the room – I like it

Oh, and the television has Google Chromecast built-in (not sure how to use it but it sounds interesting) — I believe it allows you to stream video from your smartphone
Christmas cottage:


When signing into the WiFi option on my phone – there is a FAST STREAM option for a flat $6.95 for one week or you can sign on for the free Wifi (I wonder what the speed difference is?)

Walking from the Earth Tower to the Earth Casino revealed a brand new Chic-fil-A tucked away near the escalators – I’ve never tried their chicken so maybe tonight

Session 1:

Sat down at a 100 table joined by a guy who only bought in for 100

we both won the first hand

from there, I lost or pushed the next 12 hands

of course, Mr. Minimum buy-in was up 1k

I then put up my free bet coupon worth $250 and was dealt 10,5 v dealer Ace (dealer checked and didn’t have blackjack)

I said Surrender – dealer said I would give up the whole $250 coupon – called the pot boss over and informed me I could either play the hand or Surrender the coupon (apparently they changed the Surrender rule for coupons – probably had too many people Surrendering any hand they had just to grab 50% of the coupon) — pit boss also informed me you can neither double nor split a hand with the coupon – has to be played “as is”) — I asked why wouldn’t I play the hand if surrendering it meant a guaranteed loss – he didn’t entertain my question so, I dove in head first and hit

BAM! got a 6

dealer turned over a 9 for 20

from there, I got back to even by the end of the shoe

Trip even

Session 2:

Was back and forth and after three shoes I was only down about 600

Shoe number four was horrific as I lost first 14 hands (4 doubles and 6 regular hands – didn’t win or push one hand – dealt 12 13 14 15 every time)

Trip -2k

Took a walk around the shops with my aunt and cousin and grabbed some Starbuck’s

After family headed home I sat down and within half a shoe had regained half of my losses — then the bottom dropped out again and the 1k was gone plus another 300

With Monday Nigt Football on in the background, I began another comeback –after two more shoes I had regained the 300 plus another 700

Trip now -1300

Took a mini-break to just stretch my legs and drink some water (is it just me or is every casino in the world drier than the Sahara?

Headed back to the tables and it was now halftime of the Pats-Ravens game — no wonder the casino isn’t that crowded — everyone in this area is home watching the Deflate-triots

I bought in and, after two shoes, needed a restroom break from all that water  – the dealer thought I had regained 700 but it was 500 – either way, added chips to the comeback

Trip now -800

Calling it a night with a Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich and a red velvet cupcake from Cake Boss

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