Connecticut: October 2016 Day 1

Heading to CT for a blackjack tournament this weekend – While the trip to Connecticut normally takes about 2 hours 45 minutes – today’s trip took 4 hours due to construction , that I believe is being handled exclusive by the Local Apparition Workers 666

Checking in was a breeze and I proceeded to akiosk to determine if I had any rewards available – I played the Free Slot Play “game” (pick 1 of 4 icons on the screen) – I was an immediate loser – no FSP for me but, I clicked on the FREE BET button and, there it was, a $250 free bet coupon (I am going to the cashier to determine if I can break the $250 down into smaller denominations)


Finally got to the room:

I ventured to the casino cage to determine if i could split up my FREE BET – they informed me that that was the purview of the pit – so I moseyed on over to the pit and, after two floor people did a makeshift Abbot and Costello routine to decide who would answer my question, I was informed that the Free Bet stands, as is – one time only


For the past week I have been receiving numerous calls per day from a (925) area code number – they call and call and call and never leave a message — so, moments ago, I decided to call them back — after one ring, I heard a click, as if someone had picked up the phone – however, immediately after the click came the playing of recorded piano music

I then texted the number and informed that it was a landline

Anyone experience this same thing?

Is it somehow a scam or is someone just wanting me to hear them playing the piano?


I was planning on playing the 250 free bet on my first hand when a guy sat down and bought in for 900 – of course, he said he thought he had 1k and asked them to recount – once again, it was 900 – he asked them to recount again and, once again, it was 900 – he finally agreed and accepted the 900 in chips
I kept to my plan and won the first hand–however, I ended up pushing about 75% of the rest of the hands – thus ending the shoe even
The guy who sat down was dealt 8 naturals and was still losing

However, the next shoe he started randomly playing a black chip on the “match the dealer” side bet – he hit twice for 11-1 and a few times at 4-1 – those bets were his only saving grace and, by the end of the second shoe (where he was dealt 4 more naturals), he had increased his stack from 900 to 2500 and skedaddled
I waited for them to add chips to the rack and shuffle – as i did, a dealer change occurred (burning two cards ughhh)
Started the shoe off losing the first 5 of 6 with 1 push

Finally got a nice hand 6,5 v dealer 6

Doubled and dealt a 2

Dealer turns over an Ace
Halfway through the shoe I was down 600

Three quarters of the way through the shoe I was even

By the end of the shoe, after finally being dealt my first blackjack, I was up 500

I am taking a break now to stretch my legs and check out the concert goers dressed up in the Country and Western best

After a brief respite, I made my way to the Asian pit behind the Wolf Den – began playing after waiting for the cut card to show itself in the previous shoe

Won the first 2 hands then a lot of pushes (along with losing two splits and a double) to end the shoe losing the 500 i was previously winning

The next shoe began as the prior shoe ended and that, coupled with the dealer only busting once in the entire shoe, left me at 1k to the negative by shoe’s end

However, dear readers, you will be proud of me as I did not take the loss personally and swear a blood oath to avenge my loss at that exact table with that exact dealer — rather, I gathered my player’s card, my chips and what was left of my blackjack dignity and took a walk, a deep breath and made my way to another pit to try again
A few minutes later, at my new home, I awaited the shuffle that would allow me to ride the blackjack roller coaster and, ultimately, drop me back on the loading platform with the following hand:

I had put  up 250

dealt 8,8 v dealer K

of course, you have to split

get a 3 on first 8

double and dealt a 7 for 18

dealt a 3 on second 8

double and get an 8 for 19

dealer has K and actually turns over a 7

trip back to even

Took a snack break, made a family phone call, then headed back to play

Sat down at a table at third base, there was a gentleman already at first base and then another guy in between (he did not seem to be in a good mood)
halfway through the shoe, the guy in the middle tripled his 1k buy-in – but he still did not seem happy – first base guy was being dealt great doubles and naturals – as for me, I was down 600 after the first shoe
halfway through the second shoe, middle guy now has quadrupled his 1k buy-in but still looked annoyed – it was then he started betting 1k/hand – losing the next 4 hands and buying in for another 1k, which he divided into two hands – a few hands later, he cursed and left the table with no chips (I am learning a lesson that I think, in the past, I have come across like this guy when on TILT–my apologies to the universe)
All of a sudden I heard the loud scream of a woman, turned my head and saw her running towards the table – apparently she was friends with the gentleman at first base (his wife had now joined him) and his wife – trailing behind her were her husband and two other couples — naturally, the next hand was delayed–no big deal–a couple of minutes later, play resumed–a few hands after that, the guy at first base decided he would SURRENDER a 14 versus a dealer 9

I lost the hand and switched tables

Most tables were RESERVED but I found a table with nobody – then two women and another guy sat down — The guy at first base played 500/hand on average and enjoyed splitting every single pair he had and doubling 9 on 2-7 and 10 and 11 against everything
(this plan worked—for a while (but he was also hitting 4-1 and 11-1 match the dealer bets as well))

Lady to my left decided to tell everyone she was playing for a friend of her who recently passed away after breast cancer, remission, lung cancer, remission, breast cancer again, remission and then finally, died recently of brain cancer (wow that poor woman) — well she played match the dealer but was not very lucky – and she was very negative (once again, my apologies to the universe as I know I have been very negative too) — she ended up going to get a cash advance I think once I stopped playing
Third base lady was very quiet – so no real insight into her except she didn’t really like to double down much
Played about an hour at his table and was finally able to catch a run after riding the roller coaster the entire time—it was a fun table and we all got along and chatted–including the dealer and pit boss
They even had, in addition to the cocktail waitresses, a woman coming around offering hot towels and another offering fresh mozzarella and plum tomatoes on a stick
No really crazy hands or swings in any direction and, as of now, as I get ready for bed and the tournament tomorrow, the trip is +150
Sweet dreams

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