Atlantic City: October 2016 Day 2

I awoke this morning to the sound of the housekeeper’s unique cell phone ring (she must have been cleaning the room next door and left her phone in the cart outside the door.  That cell phone must have been running on nuclear power as the sound penetrated the door of room and into my eardrum.  Oh well, have to get up at sometime, right?

Grabbed an iced skinny vanilla latte and ate a protein bar while relaxing.
Now fully caffeinated, I decided to step outside and get some fresh air by walking around the marina — however, it was drizzling so my walk was shortened as I was sans umbrella:




I went to the rewards kiosk as there is a free crock pot giveaway today that I promised my parents I would get for them — such a good son — awwwwww 😉

But, alas, the vouchers are not available until noon — I will surely keep everyone updated on this all important giveaway.

I was walking towards the sky ridge connecting the casino to the Chart House restaurant (wanted to see if it was still raining) and, as I looked to my left, I noticed something that wasn’t there in any of my previous trips…


Located by the showroom, rhis must be some fancy-schmancy hotel within a hotel for ultra high rollers (you know who you are lol).
Sat down to play with a dealer I like but, as soon as she finished shuffling, she moved to the next table — started off with a win followed by a dealer blackjack and three hands in a row of losing by one  —  not to be outdone, I came back winning by one on two hands in a row — I then pressed and was dealt a 2,7 v dealer 3, which I doubled and was dealt a 2 — the dealer turned over an 8 and you just knew the 10 would be next and, naturally, it was — the very next hand I was dealt a 9,2 v dealer 6, doubled and drew an Ace ughhhhh — you know where this hand went

By midshoe I had dropped 400 and was still up for the trip 1150 — I was then dealt a blackjack and rode the roller coaster for the next quarter of a shoe and finally hit a nice run towards the end, including actually getting dealt an Ace on a 4,6 double where he dealer ended up with a 20.

Trip is now +1800

After relaxing a bit I headed to the tables again – the high limit room was not crowded at all – today, at least, only 3 of the 6 tables were reserved — they had one $50 game and all the other $100

Perhaps people are not heading out in the rain today…maybe they will show up after dinner…maybe they heard I was here and didn’t want to deal with yet another jackass in the high limit room 😛

I sat down to play and made it halfway through the shoe before Instarted to feel lightheaded – I had not really eaten much today and I am having an early dinner with parents so, I stopped to get a snack $300 to the good.

Trip is +2100 and I actually thought about getting his giant donut for a snack but had some baked Cheetos instead.


I then headed to pick up the tickets for A Bronx Tale (including a meet and greet with Chaz Palminteri) for my parents:

Ohhhhhh the crockpot voucher was finally available at the kiosk:


Had dinner (chicken parm with penne) then had some peanut butter cup gelato:

Then, the evening became very stressful as I spent an hour on the phone dealing with some family drama for an upcoming event and then another hour calling/texting/emailing with a client about various issues from “the difference between actually scanning a document as a PDF versus taking a photo of the document with a cell phone”; “the difference between a scheduled date for a trial to begin and when the trial might actually, if ever, begin”; and attempting to explain that when “I told you to be aggressive and include all truthful allegations in your affidavit, no matter how embarrassing to your ex because your ex will do the same and might even make things up”–that I was speaking from experience as an attorney–but, you said your ex “would never stoop to the level of lying in her affidavit” (which she did) and now you are pissed at the situation because you failed to follow your attorney’s advice–buckle up cowboy and listen to me!!!

I think I might be done playing for the night.

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