Atlantic City: October 2016 Day 1

I set out this morning for a weekend sojourn to Atlantic City.  I have not been to AC since my trip with my buddy Slim Jim back in August.

On the Belt Parkway this morning, a car was pulled over on the shoulder – no big deal – however, there was a guy wearing golf shoes, pants and windbreaker standing on a patch of grass approximately 30’x40′ practicing his short game.  was he fed up with traffic? would he eventually start driving balls into traffic? is there no better place to practice chipping?

The traffic opened up and I eventually made my way down to AC


All checked in, I checked my comp dollars, which registered $0.00.  I made my way over to the 24karat rewards desk and asked why I was at a zero balance.  They informed me I was actually at a -$72 balance (How can I owe them comp dollars?)

I then proceeded to show them an email I received stating I could now use comp dollars from any Golden Nugget property at any other Golden Nugget property.  As I knew I had over $80 in comp dollars at GNLV, I asked why that was not showing up in my account.  Cue the fine print as, apparently, other GN property comp dollars can only be used at restaurants AND only if you have that property’s card with you.  The comp dollars are only universally applicable if you have your other GN property cards wih you – I don’t know about you, but I don’t carry my GNLV card when I go to AC — this is something MLIFE and TotalRewards get right – universal use of your card – please catch up GN.

After clearing this up I made my way to the blackjack tables as a $25 match play coupon was burning a hole in my pocket.  I played through one shoe, was not dealt any splits or doubles but was dealt two blackjacks.  As the shoe ended my phone rang and I decided to take the call and end the session.

Trip is +600.

Had some Chinese food for dinner and decided to sit down to play some cards.

Pushed the first hand

Lost the next 9

Surrendered 16 v King

Lost the next 5

Won 2

Lost the next 6

Won 2

Lost the next 7

Won a split 8,8

Lost next 4

Pushed last 3

Dropped 1600 that shoe, leaving me -1k for the trip

Started new shoe with a dealer change – winning 6 out of 7 doubles – but losing every time I pressed – all in all though – not too bad as I regained 900 of the 1k

Dealer change again for some reason – new dealer comes in Hurricane Matthew style:







I switch tables and play the roller coaster until the final hand of the shoe where I have 200 up and get 2,2 v dealer 7

Split dealt another 2

First 2: 10, Queen

Second 2: 3,4,5,7

Third 2: 5, 5, 5

Dealer turns over an Ace for 18

At this point I was down 2050 for the trip – ughhhhh

Once again the dream of a relaxing weekend playing blackjack gives way to the stress of the normal work week lol

The blackjack gods began to smile upon me as I once again went on a tear of winning doubles (4 of the next 5 — on pressed bets too!)

By the time I finished my conversation with the pit boss about the newest Trump gossip, I had fought my way back to +250–which is where I stand now as I have an iced skinny vanilla latte and listen to the dulcet tones of “Two for the Road” in the Rush Lounge

After a brief respite I returned to the tables – got a beautiful run to start the shoe- won the first 3, pushed a few, won a couple and played some back and forth until the end of the shoe where, after some strategically pressed bets, picked up another 1k

No real stand out hands during the shoe – just the dealer actually breaking on 14-15-16s

Trip is +1250

Meanwhile, guy at the table next to me was playing three hands at a time, between 5k and 10k per hand – I was only there for a few minutes but, he did not appear to be a happy camper – hope it turns for him


Took a seat at a blackjack table and excused myself to the restroom while the dealer shuffled – by the time I returned, two other people had taken seats (although only one of them was going to play) and, just after the cards were cut, a gentleman sat at third base — the shoe began and we were all doing fairly well, however, a client was calling so I had take the call — maybe it was meant to be as, by that point I was up another 300 — hunger has now taken over and I am grabbing something to eat

Trip is now +1550

As I enter a food coma, I am calling it a night lol

Ohhhh, before I forget — if you recall, earlier in this post, that I was apparently -$72 comp dollars – well, upon further investigation, this is actually true and, as I accrue comp dollars in the future, they will count towards my “repayment” of the “owed” comp dollars…as such, based on my play today, I have “recouped” approximately $20 comp dollars and now only owe GNAC $52 comp dollars — got to love casino marketing 🙄

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