Vegas: August 2016 Day 8

Woke up.


Checked out of Aria.

Debated playing before heading to Monte Carlo.

“Playing” won the debate.

Sat down at a shoe game.

Pushed four 20s.

But won 550.

Trip is now -1950.

Heading to Monte Carlo.

“Warm smell of colitas…rising up through the air”

That describes the situation as I walked down the hall to my room at the Monte Carlo — glaucoma patients would do well to hang out in this hallway.

The room:

Showered and feeling refreshed, I made my way to the Starbucks between Monte Carlo and Aria and caffeinated myself.

Arrived at Aria and checked my tier points – apparently I need 71k more to maintain Platinum – I told the guy I didn’t think I’d get 71k tier points in 2 days but he said “the points really add up if you make purchases in addition to gaming” – I’ll keep that in mind lol

Sat down to a double deck game and was greeted with a blackjack – I then saw one of the players from the table last night that was also attempting to make a comeback – she advised me she had won “a little bit” back but still had a way to go – I wished her continued success and resumed my game.  A few hands later I was dealt another blackjack, won a double, pressed a couple of hands and by shuffle’s end, I had regained 700.

As such, the trip is now -1250

Took a break and eventually made my way back to the tables – had a good conversation about Aria squeezing the black chip players out of the High Limit Lounge and their wanting $300min and higher only in there – let’s see how that works out…

Sat down to a double deck game with the hope of regaining some chips – without much fanfare, by the end of the shuffle, I had regained another 400

Trip is now -850




I will never understand it in a million years why people think adding in an extra hand to “change the cards” is the “right thing to do” – unless you have X-Ray vision, how do you know that adding in an extra hand will help you and, if you know that it will, why aren’t you going “all in” on that very next hand???

Which leads me to sitting down and winning the first two hands of a 6D shoe and losing the third hand to a dealer blackjack while the guy at first base pushed two hands and lost to the dealer blackjack — he decides that “because the dealer had a blackjack” that the “order of the cards needed to change” — of course, he continued to push and lose while I traded sides and lost two splits and two other hands — I switched tables to a double deck game and recouped what I had just lost at the man with X-Ray vision’s table.

Trip is still -850

Just saw a guy win the LUCKY LUCKY side bet at Aria with a suited 678…$25 bet paid 100:1 congrats guy!!! 🎉

Sat down, played 5 hands of double deck and gained two black chips–however, it seems this one floorperson is becoming annoyed with me that I keep hitting and running (even the dealer mentioned it but then made an excuse for her that she “just got back from vacation and probably doesn’t want to be here right now” — oh well

Trip is -650

I made my way back to the Monte Carlo for a shower and shave — feeling refreshed I grabbed an iced Starbuck’s at Aria and sat down to a double deck game.  Without much fanfare, I picked up another 250.

Trip is -400

My cousin was over at Planet Hollywood watching some games so I joined him for a bit then hit the ABC store for some snacks and made my way back through Crystals and Aria, had a burger at Johnny Rockets, and relaxed in the room.




I’ve made the executive decision to call it a night, watch tv, relax and start the day fresh tomorrow.

To reiterate, the trip is now only -400

Sweet dreams.

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