Vegas: August 2016 Day 6

Checked out of Caesars this morning after the front desk nonsense last night.  Took a Lyft down the block to Aria
As I entered Aria a woman passed by me wearing Daisy Dukes with holes in them – basically giving everyone a window to her ass cheeks – I enjoyed watching the looks on people’s faces as she passed by — I wonder if these people have been to a pool or beach lately lol

I sat down to play after checking in, positive that I’d get to even and start winning…it was not to be.

I lost and lost and lost.  I really don’t know what else to say – If I had 20, dealer made 21 – I won only one double or split in playing for an hour.  I would normally recap the hideous hands but I’m trying to erase them from my memory.

I do find it amazing though that whenever some random person walks by and decides to jump in mid-shoe, they win and I lose.

Rather than being even, I was down 5k.

I was wandering around the casino aimlessly when a dealer called me over to say hi-she told me I looked like I hadn’t slept – I told her I had, but that I haven’t eaten-she advised me to get some food and I took the advice, grabbing a couple Five Cheese slices from Five50.

After tearing through the slices I made my way back to the tables.  I was finally able to win a couple of doubles and, without much fanfare, was able to grab 1200 back to my side of the table.

Trip is -3800

So I smacked myself awake from a two hour nap, showered and shaved and heads o Starbucks.  I am normally a latte drinker but felt I needed something stronger (I suppose I could’ve ordered a double shot)  so I ordered a cold brewed iced coffee – although tastes like gasoline (to me), it does a wonderful job of kicking it up a notch (thank so, Emeril).

I hit the tables and the first table I went to the dealer said he wasn’t allowed to shuffle – I misunderstood and though for some reason they were closing the game.  A few moments later I saw him shuffling and he cleared things up for me – he was in the middle of a marker payoff and waiting for the floorperson.  I have played with this dealer before and he is very much cheering for the players.  When I would double certain hands he would acknowledge that I was playing “by the book” and when I asked him why he moved my chips from one side to the other on a split, he explained that the eye in the sky always wants the player’s original bet on the player’s right.   He said some dealers care and some dont-I then brought it full circle by saying that he is playing “by the book” lol

The shoe began nicely and, slowly and steadily, I was able to recapture 800 worth of chips.

Trip is now -3k


Rant: Headed down to the casino floor and YUP – forgot my key in the room – no worries – I’ll just head over to the front desk for a new one – I’m first in the Platinum line and there are three people on the regular front desk line.  Another guy joins the Platinum line as we watch the regular line diminishing as they are all called first.  They soon begin calling people from the regular line who didn’t line up until after we did.  I finally walked up when I saw someone leaving the clerk as she called yet another non-Platinum line guest – the other guest arrived seconds after I did and the clerk apologized to him that I had jumped the line.  REALLY REALLY‽ Don’t apologize on my behalf for your not doing your job – I am not one to think I am better than anyone else (far from it) but, in the casino world, tier level (almost) everything and, the blood, sweat, tears and cash it has taken to attain Platinum level is damn sure going to entitle me to a shorter line at the front desk when I need something! 🤑

End of rant.


I then sat down at a six deck game with a fun guy from Philly – we made it through the shoe with a couple chips in our direction and not much else to write home about other than having a good time – hope to play with him again – Good Luck Don

Took a break and chatted it up with a shift boss who made me an “honorary employee” to keep the riff-raff from entering the non-roped-off pit area lol

I have seen people wander through the pit and pick up the phone and start making calls – hilarious.

As for the current chip count:  -2700

Ok – took a walk and headed back to the tables – once again at a shoe game – started the shoe off rocky and, due to the roller coaster of the trip, I started playing “scared” (or should it be I was “scarred” by my previous “luck”) on doubles, doubling for less three times and winning each time, costing myself about 175.  Be that as it may, I was still able to garner the attention of a few good hands and pick up some more chips.

Trip now -2100

Let’s not get too crazy but apparently I have earned (in the past year) $9 free slot play – I guess at some point in time I must have played some slots – so the MLIFE desk clerk gave me a brochure on how to access it – although I’m not sure anyone should actually write their PIN (wow, I didn’t say PIN Number)  in the brochure (although it is perforated)

Took a brief respite to relax and eventually made my way down the yellow brick road to the main floor blackjack pit — dealer was shuffling up a 6D game and I sat down — I was dealt a first hand blackjack, pushed a 20 on the second hand, pushed a 20 on the third hand, then a dealer blackjack followed by another dealer blackjack – lots of high cards out already – luckily though, I hit a couple of doubles and halfway through the shoe felt the pangs of hunger, deciding to take a break with four more chips in my pocket, making the trip now -1700

My hunger led me to Lemongrass inside Aria where I ordered the sesame chicken (level 3 spicy) with sticky rice:
Yummy and spicy!

As I headed back to my room, I noticed a giant crowd on the line to get into the nightclub here at Aria – apparently the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is performing here tonight…

On that note, I’m taking myself upstairs and heading to bed — living to fight another day at the blackjack tables.

Sweet dreams.

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