Vegas: August 2016 Day 5

One female.  High heels.  Black thigh high fishnet stockings.  Short shorts.  Bra top.  Early twenty-something.

Three males.  Fifty-somethings. Dad bods.  Tommy Bahama tees.  Cargo shorts.  Sandals.  Bud lights.

Bellagio.  Blackjack.  I wonder when their friendship began…?

Need an angel on my shoulder to get on the winning side of this trip.

Sat down at Aria to a double deck game, bought in, dealer change, shuffle, dealer change, ready to go, dealer change back to second dealer lol All that before I played one hand

I started the shuffle with a win followed by a push then a losing double down.  After five hands I was down 500 and remained there through the cut card.

Second shuffle things began going my way – won two doubles, was dealt a blackjack and pressed my way back to regaining the 500 plus another 400.

Trip is now -1k.

Took a breather and eventually headed back to the tables, this time to a 6D shoe game.  The dealer broke from the gate faster than Seabiscuit with a first hand blackjack.  From there I lost or pushed the next 6 hands, resulting in losing a quick 900 out of the 1k buy-in — things changed when I was dealt a blackjack of my own.  I battled through ¾ of a shoe until I had the 900 back.  Then as the end of the shoe approached, I hovered around even until I was able to win the final two hands, one blackjack and one dealer bust.

As such, the trip is now -750.

I headed back to the room to relax and get ready for an event my friend invited me to over  at the Foundation Room in Mandalay Bay.  After getting ready, I had some time so I headed downstairs to check out the blackjack action – as I approached the $100min, the dealer dealt himself a blackjack – I took that as a sign to leave my play until later.


Advice from my Lyft driver who informed me she also works as a dealer for MGM:

The best odds to make money in the casino is to play WAR; and

The second best odds are to play blackjack BUT you MUST play TWO HANDS at a time…


The event was a wine club event for a group my friend belongs too – I suppose just a way to get people of the same interests mixing and mingling – although average age was 60!  I ordered the Wagyu burger and relaxed (I don’t like wine), stayed for an hour and headed back to Caesars.

I looked for a 100min game in Palace Court but there was only one to be found and the table was full.  They had two double deck games at 200min – a shoe game at 500min and a Reserved game.  Oh well, see if anything opens up shortly.

Ok got back to Caesars and the WIFI (paid for through the resort fee) situation was not resolved – instead, I spent the next 40 minutes at the front desk attempting to explain that I should not be charged for something that didn’t work –  here is a summary in a tweet form:

Ok – after that nonsense, reconvened with my buddy who was playing VP at the Caesars Lobby Bar and we adjourned to the Palace Court where I awaited a new shuffle and joined a 6d 100min game where there were already a couple of players.  The first hand gave me a winning double down and, without much else to write home about, had won 400 by mid-shoe and decided to take a break.  The others at the table asked how I could leave a good shoe – I have my standard answer “If my hand is never going to lose again, then by all means play it and you can reap the rewards” – to which I always receive a sideways glance for.

My buddy is of the mindset that the attractiveness of a dealer adds to his enjoyment of th casino experience…as such, we headed to the Onnia party out and he sat down at a $5 Three Card Poker table because he thought the dealer was hot.  I was my usual nonsensical self and the dealer said I was “weird” – although that didn’t stop her from laughing at my jokes (or was she laughing at me (who knows who cares – I don’t change my personality just because someone thinks I’m “weird”)).  She was tapped out by a Russian girl who acted as if the Cold Wat was still in season–my buddy, having had plenty of beers by this point, decided he would ask her if her breasts were real – this did not go over well and she openly began rooting against my buddy – I tried to calm the situation and we eventually got up and left.

About 20 minutes later we went back and he played with the original dealer who asked which one of us made the comment to the other dealer about her breasts – I tried to ease the tension by saying it was my fault as I wasn’t babysitting my buddy properly — however, she then stated that the party pit dealers, dressed in tight push-up corsets and spandex pants, are supposed to maintain a “non-sexualized atmosphere” at their tables – huh‽ 

A few moments later, the Russian dealer tapped back in, a few new players joined he table, and we called it a night.

As it now stands, the trip is -350 and I will be switching hotels tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.

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