Vegas: August 2016 Day 4

KNOCK-KNOCK! KNOCK-KNOCK!  The noise penetrated my dream around 3:15am and eventually woke me up – I stumbled to the door in the dark and asked “Who is it?” – the man replied “Room service – but I’m knocking on the room next door” – apparently they were not answering their door.  The sequence puzzled me as it was about midnight when I was walking back from getting ice and a couple stepped off the elevator as I passed the bank–as I walked towards my room I noticed they had slowed down and stopped.  Not sure if I was about to be robbed, I looked over my shoulder and they said “Hi neighbor” — apparently, they were staying in the room next to me.  They wished me a goodnight, I did the same and assumed they were going to bed – maybe the room service was a prank but I doubt that as usually the room number attached to the phone line cannot order room service for another room…very interesting as the guy kept knocking and, I assume, left without delivering the rations.


An observation during my morning constitutional–a young girl smiling as if she was in heaven posing for a photo in front of the Harry Winston store — is this the result of the diamond industry or do women just love sparkly things?


Arrived at Carte Prive and caught up with a waitress I am friendly with there and found out the bartender I know there is on vacation – nice – before heading over to a table.  I did not want to interrupt the two guys playing as the shoe had already started — what I witnessed had to be the shoe of the century – they won every double and split – never broke on a bust card and were getting Blackjacks left and right – amazing – I think, combined, they only lost about 8 hands the entire shoe.

So their shoe ended and I bought in and here is what happened:

First hand dealer blackjack

Second hand dealer blackjack

Third hand dealer 21 (one of the guys leaves)

Fourth hand dealer blackjack

Fifth hand dealer 21 (the other guy leaves)

I ended up losing the first 18 of 25 hands and was down 2k by the end of shoe

Luckily, the shoe ended and the next shoe began with a bang – blackjack for me!!! From then on I was able to press in the right spots and get the 2k back plus another 200

Why couldn’t I have had that shoe first???

Trip is now -2800

In what is clearly becoming a pattern, each time I press my bet after being dealt a blackjack, the dealer gets their own blackjack, thus negating the original 3:2 payment (HAPPY NATIONAL BLACKJACK DAY!)

Shot the bull with a few dealers I am friendly with – topics ranging from dogs to superstitions to the world elites who run the world – having had my fill of conversation, it was back to blackjack.

I sat down and as seems to be customary now, went on an immediate losing streak.  In the course of 4 shuffles of double deck, I had lost 1300.  Finally, shoes 5 and 6 came to my rescue – I stopped pressing my bet after being dealt a blackjack and, lo and behold, the dealer stopped getting Blackjacks the hand after my blackjack (and you say there’s no such thing as superstitions).

I was finally able to press my bets out there and get a good solid run of cards.  After the sixth shoe, not only did I get the 1300 back but added 500 to the stack.

As such, slowly but surely making a comeback, the trip is -2500.

Stopping to smell the “roses” – so to speak:

I was singing/humming the song CRAZY by Gnarls Barkley on my way walking to the Aria monorail – when I got to the top of the escalator, the song CRAZY was playing over the speakers!!!



Headed back to Caesars to relax, shower and get ready for the evening.  After about an hour I made my way back to Aria and sat down in the Carte Prive — exchanged pleasantries with the dealer who informed me he was about to go on break but that the table had been cold for the players.  I thanked him for the head’s up and the relief dealer stepped in, who I usually chat with about his home remodel he’s been doing.  Things were up and down and then I was dealt a 5,4 v dealer 6 with 200 up — I doubled and was dealt a Queen for 19 — the dealer turned over a 3 and I now was merely hoping for a push – not to be as he then drew a 2 for 11 – here we go – no, a reprieve as he drew a 4 for 15 – come on break break – draws an Ace for 16 – damnit break already —— 5

Ughhhhh it was downhill in the shoe thereafter and, by shoe’s end, I was down 1900 of my 2k buy-in.

Time for a shuffle and a new shoe–things started nicely as I was dealt a 9 on my 10,,2 to win the first hand but was then given a reality check on the next three hands as the dealer had 20 each time (luckily, though, I had 20 on two of them and a 17 on the other – not too bad).  I then pushed two doubles with 21 on each.  However, a strange and magical thing happened, I started winning my 14s and 15s as the dealer began busting.  Coupled with my pressing, not only did I regain the 1900, but another 300 on top.  Adding that to the 500 from earlier, I am now down 2200 for the trip.

About to eat at Javier’s in the Aria, my favorite Mexican restaurant.


I’m munching on the chips and salsa as I await a braised beef dish


The meat was so tender it literally was falling off the bone – delicious.

Sat down at a 6D game with a sarcastically funny dealer I’d never played with before – hovered ± 300 for the shoe and ended the shoe ahead another 200, making the trip now only -2k.

Now wandering around Crystals relaxing for a spell:
My friend (the one I grew up with back in NY but now lives in Vegas, dropped by the Strip for more fun and frivolity).  He played some video poker then I headed back to the tables in an effort to get back to even and beyond.

As I was playing, the cocktail waitress took our drink order and, a few minutes later, returned with the drinks.  My friend tipped her as I was playing and she stood there for about 90 seconds just staring at us.  I finally turned to her and asked “Is everything ok?” to which she incredulously replied “Oh I didn’t realize that was all I was getting ”


Talk about tip hustling – we decided to order no more drinks and I even filled out a customer complaint form – how rude and ungrateful!

The floor people I am friendly with were shocked and said that her behavior was inexcusable.
The saving grace of the evening was that I was able to pick up another 600 and the trip is now down only 1400.

I’m heading back to my hotel to relax and hit the tables again tomorrow in my quest for a winning trip.

Sweet dreams.

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