AC: August 2016: Day 2/Day 3

So after dinner last night I headed back to the tables, still down 5200.

I sat down and after a shoe I had regained 200 of the 5200 WOOHOO!

I took a break to hang with my friend who was in town and eventually headed back in to play some more blackjack.  I was thinking positively and was hopeful that I would get back to even steven for the trip.

I sat down at a table with two other guys who seemed to not be having much luck – I should have taken that as a sign.  The dealer shuffled and we all won the first 2 hands.  Then, that dealer got tapped out (we all cried out there was a conspiracy against us as we had finally won a couple of hands).  Well, this dealer would give Wallace Shawn a run for his money.  It seemed as if the dealer would pull 21’s at will.  I think the best hand I had in the shoe was a 17.  I proceeded to lose 4400 of the 5400 I had.  At this point, out of 10k, I had 1k left.

I switched tables, resigned to the fact that I would lose the 1k and thusly, cancel my upcoming trip to Vegas and take a few months off from the game of blackjack.

I decided to play with a dealer I normally avoid.  I figured, can’t get any worse.  For once in my life, I was right — I proceeded to win back 2500 within one shoe — I was, in the words of George Constanza, “be-boppin and scattin’ all over the place” — I was winning double downs and was able to press my bets.  However, the shoe ended with losing 5 hands in a row but I was now back at 3500.

I switched tables to play with a dealer I used to play with at the Revel — she was rooting for me the whole time.  However, I had to ride the roller coaster once again.  I lost 1k very quickly and was back down to having only one quarter of my original bankroll.  I asked for a shuffle, took a deep breath and began anew.

I was dealt a blackjack to start then was able to press and actually win 5 double downs.  By the end of the shoe, I was up to 4500 of the 10k.

I took a deep breath and began another shoe.  About halfway through the shoe, at 2:30am, I had 5k in chips in front of me.  I joked that I should go for it on one hand but, knowing my luck, I would get a three way split with double on each so I resisted and went to bed only getting back to the halfway point.

However, the Vegas trip is still on and I hope to be able to place in the tournament when I am there.

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