AC: August 2016: Day 2

Woke up and had some pancakes for breakfast(although, once you’ve had Dupar’s can you really call anything else a pancake?)

Grabbed a Starbuck’s (line was moving slow even though there were four baristas working and the lady in front of me commented on that to one of them – I wonder if she received any extra special ingredients in her coffee…?)

Headed to play some blackjack and rode the roller coaster – once again, it seemed as if 20 would lose and 21 would only sometimes win. I pushed a blackjack then miraculously was dealt a blackjack on the next hand.

However, after two shoes, it was clear the blackjack gods were still it smiling on me when it came to splits and the dealer being dealt naturals – at that point, I only had 1200 left of the 2200 I had regained.

Things began to change and I rode the roller coaster once again – getting to the point of recapturing the 2200 on four occasions, only to lose those hands and a few thereafter.

Finally, after about an hour, I was able to grind my way back to 2200 plus a few more.

As such, the trip is now -2700 (better than it was at -5200)


I had gotten 2500 back and won the first 3 hands of a new shoe – won three in a row before to start the shoe then, for the rest of the shoe all I did was lose or push hands and all 2500 went back – 

I switched tables and played he roller coaster – the guys at my table, once they found out surrender was available, decided to begin surrendering 12’s versus 2’s, 14’s versus tens  and so on and so forth

After playing about an hour or so, I was poised to regain some of the 5200 when on two consecutive hands, the following happened:

2,2 v 7


First 2: dealt a 9, doubled and drew a 5 for 16

Second 2: dealt a 10 then busted

dealer 7, turns over an Ace
3,3 v 7


First 3: dealt an 8, doubled and drew a 7 for 18

Second 3: dealt a 9 then busted

dealer 7, turns over another 7 then draws yet another 7 for 21
It seems whenever I need a hand to get me back in the swing of things, the blackjack gods take joy in toying with me

Of course, it’s always fun too when a guy at the table decides to play one hand then two hands then one hand again at random moments (shouldn’t this be considered “mid-shoe entry???)

so now I’m back to being -5200

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