AC: August 2016 Day 1

Once a year, I meet up in Atlantic Ciy with a long-time friend from college to catch up and have a good time.  A couple other friends wanted to meet up but they could not get away from family obligations.

So, after checking in we headed down to play blackjack (he watches and enjoys the free drinks) .

I surrendered the first hand, then lost the next five (including a double 7,2 v 4), then surrendered the seventh.

With 150 up on the eighth hand I was dealt 2,2 v dealer 3–split them:

first 2: dealt an Ace then a 5 for 18;

second 2: dealt another 2 and split—then dealt a Queen then a 7 for 19

third 2: dealt a King then a 6 for 18

Dealer had 3, turned over a 10 then drew a 4


Not only did I finally win a hand, but won a big hand

However, by the end of the shoe, the dealer had 5 naturals and made 21 three times (which I miraculously pushed on twice) but I was only down 200.

The second shoe worked out much better and a few hands before the last one I was up 400.  On the last hand of the shoe I had 200 up and was dealt a 6,5 v dealer 8 — I doubled and was dealt a King for 21 — however, I knew not to celebrate early as the dealer turned over a 3 and drew a Jack to push the 21.  Ahhhh, what could have been.

Trip is +400

Took a rest then went to play and experienced the worst run of cards of all time:

I only won 2 hands the entire shoe while the dealer made 8 Blackjacks and 7 21’s then on the last hand I had 800 left and bet 200

– I got 8,8 versus dealer 3 so I split got another 8 and a double

my three hands were 18, 15, 17

dealer has a 3 turns over a King

then YUP an F’n 8 for 21

everything gone

thinking of canceling my Vegas trip


Ok – took a respite and had some dinner (Chinese) – talked with my friend and got back into a positive thinking mode

Headed to play and sat down – the pit boss told me the dealer that dealt me that insane hand to end my session earlier had mentioned to him that he should’ve called security – this is a dealer I’ve known for years and all I did was tell out an F-bomb into the air directed at nobody in particular – the pit boss told me he knew that was not necessary as he’s known me for years as well.

So I sat down to play and finally got a good shoe – I won a couple of doubles but got burned on some dealer 21’s again

However, by the end of the shoe I had regained 500

Trip is -4600


ok – got stamped for the nightclub so my friend and I could go in and out then I left him in the club to go attempt to get back to even

Throughout the night, I played three shoes–all three of them yielded positive results–this time actually winning a majority of double downs and splits, such as:
dealt Ace, Ace versus dealer King


First Ace: dealt a 10

Second Ace: dealt a Queen

dealer had a 20
then split 7,7 v dealer 7


dealt another 7

First 7: dealt 4 doubled for 17

Second 7: dealt 10 for 27

Third 7: dealt 3 doubled for 20

Dealer turned over a 9 the a Jack BUST!!!

by the end of the evening, I had regained 2200 of the 5200 I was down

So, I stopped playing for the evening and decide to hang out with my friend from college and we had so much fun hanging out

So, the trip is now down 3k

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